Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019 (Active Credit Card Numbers)
Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019 (Active Credit Card Numbers)

Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019

Active Credit Card Numbers

Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019 (Active Credit Card Numbers) - Nowadays, people use credit cards for many things: like grocery shopping, bill settlement, or settling off debts. Many people are now giving the credit card more importance than the conventional wallet. Gone are the days when you need to worry about not having enough cash on you as more merchants are accepting credit cards at the point of sale.

A credit card comprises an identification number. People use these numbers to determine the network the card belongs to. The person who owns the card. And the expiration date of the card. For a credit card to be customizable, these card identification number have to differ from one customer to the other. The cards have to be unique.

You do not get to pick your card number. A financial institution or a card issuer assigned the number onto your credit card. The financial institutionis a bank in most cases.

Free Credit Card Numbers

Free Credit Card Numbers
Free Credit Card Numbers

Let’s look at the meaning of free numbers. Typically, numbers that on the body of a credit card usually follows some advanced algorithm. It is auto generated with the help of a machine by the card issuer. As a card holder you have no right to pick your own card number. That said, this isn’t the meaning of a free credit card number. As you are already aware, a credit card number is a unique number. Only the owner of the card knows about the number. However, the number being free means many people can have access to this number as it is readily available to the public.

How to Get Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019

How you determine your credit card number is valid largely depends on the source of your card. For instance, if you get your credit card from an official issuer, then the card issuer can assure you that your card number is valid and ready for public consumption. However, if you got your card from a hidden website, the probability that the card isn’t valid is high.

1. Bank card issuer

I am sure you have always wondered why the numbers on credit cards are widely visible if they represent such vital and sensitive information. There is a bank policy guarding the disclosure of someone’s credit card details. If someone makes an enquiry to the credit card number of a customer, the card issuer would decline such a request. Unless there is a warrant for such information.

You can also get free credit cards from websites that require verification, an example is PayPal. However, most of the numbers on the PayPal site are mainly for testing. Examples include, 371449635398431, 378734493671000, and 378282246310005 which are free credit card numbers for American Express. When someone inputs these numbers though a payment gateway, the system would automatically readily recognizes them as a valid card from American Express.

Another set of automatic credit card issuers that provide the card for public consumption are Master and Visa Cards. Users can get these free card numbers from their platforms. Again mainly for testing. You can use these cards on their testing applications on the providers websites.

2. Credit Card Generator

User can also get credit cards for free by the use of an online card generator. Although you cannot verify easily if the number is valid or in valid. There are arguments that online card generators do not provide valid credit card numbers. However, they need to scale through the verification process. A card is valid if it is from an official card issuer.

The truth is card generators cannot generate valid credit cards. Their websites are not official. They only generate numbers that have the same configurations but do not originate from an official card database.

A simple way to get a credit card from an online card generator is to follow the steps outlined below;

1. Search for a site that can generate credit card numbers online. A quick search for “Online Card Generator” would display several options.

2. On most online card generator sites, the homepage displays a form showing card data such as card issued, date of expiry and card issuer. These informations are necessary to make these card look a genuine as they can.

3. The next step is to click or select a generate card button. This would get the page spinning until it can provide a credit card.

There are websites that add extra details on their forms such as address, city, and postal code. These are all part of a grand scheme to make the credit card generated look valid and genuine.

There are essentially two ways by which you can generate credit card numbers without a fuss although these ways have their limitations. The first one is that these cards do not originate from and official credit card database. People can not use these credit card numbers to make payment. An attempt to make payment with these cards promptly flags the card as a fake.

This then begs the question why are free credit cards needed? The internet is prone to fraud and scam. There are a lot of fake or relatively unknown websites online. You might need a credit card to validate your registration for some websites and this is where a free credit card comes in handy.

Random Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019

Random Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019
Random Free Credit Card Numbers That Work 2019
Card NumberCard TypeNameCvvExpiration
2228 2911 8114 2180MastercardTaylor Warren58010 / 2021
2229 9739 9171 1812MastercardPayton Mcleod87009 / 2025
5136 7370 1206 3999MastercardPrincess Guerra20202 / 2021
4532 8051 2071 3004VisaJustin Chambers96307 / 2020
2231 6661 4185 4708MastercardWilfred Harmon63904 / 2020
4024 0071 4337 2109VisaTheo Fuller83805 / 2025
2515 0718 8966 4913MastercardAlonso Todd72008 / 2021

How it helps - Free Credit Card Numbers with VCC 2019

Before rushing to get your free credit card, there are two things you need to know. In the next few paragraphs, we will walk through why these cards are available and the best way to use these cards.


One of the major reasons established websites and card issuers provide visitors with a credit card number is mainly for testing the system. For those not too familiar with PayPal, it is a system to purchase and pay for things online with no need to use a credit card. It is a wallet system that integrate seamlessly with online.

However, to use PayPal you must register and provide your credit card details. For confirmation on whether the PayPal system is functional, you would have to visit the testing/staging environment to see how things work for yourself.

2. Trial or Test Accounts

Asides a testing environment, you can use free credit card numbers for trial purposes. There are tons of websites that prompt users to sign up or register an account. For those not familiar with the trial concept, a trial account is more like a test account to have a feel of the services the website has to offer before paying for the service. Most websites require you input your card details even though you are registering for a trial account. Sometimes, some users are not so comfortable giving out their card details when there aren’t so sure they would go ahead with the service. It is in this situation that a free credit card number shows importance.

3. Checking Circumvention

Another reason users use free credit card is because users want to bypass verification. This differs from the trial version process where users just want to register to access the trial feature. However, in this scenario we are just concerned with bypassing verification for membership.

4. Scam and Fraud Stop

Scam prevention is another reason free credit cards come in handy. Recent study reveal that fraud and spam are usually from the use of credit cards to confirm malicious activity. This usually occurs when users made subscriptions to websites that have no security prevention mechanism in place.

Getting Real Active Credit Card Numbers of Rich People

Sharing your account details is like sharing your credit card number. You can distribute the information but only the owner of the account has access to it. Getting someone’s credit card number does not mean you have access to the account. The bank used a secret personal identification number (PIN) to verify each transaction on the card. Sharing your credit card number with your PIN information puts you at the mercy of hackers. Free credit card numbers prevents such the situation from occurring.

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