3 Ways to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2019
3 Ways to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2019

How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2019

The world has become a global village. You can easily communicate with anyone across the world. The communication methods have evolved a great deal over the past few decades. With the help of the internet, you can communicate with no delay of time. The distance in between is no barrier now. Long gone the days where letters and telegraphs were the only sources of long-distance communications. There are countless other ways of communication now. You can now audio and video call the other person. Messages can nowadays go with image attachments, documents and voice notes. Another type of communication is email.Users use emails for both formal and informal purposes. However, it’s more common for formal uses. It has shaped the Cyber world a great deal. One of its significant use comes in verification processes. For registering yourself at various platforms you need an email confirmation. The system would send to your email box a code in your email that verifies you as a registered user.

There are various email services. One of these is Gmail. Gmail stands for Google Mail. As the name shows, Google created it. Gmail plays a significant role in Google. Many Google’s best apps required a user to have a Gmail account for synchronization at various platforms. So Gmail has lots of advantages. However, it also has limitations.

While making an account at Gmail, fill out all the mandatory information. Answer the security questions to secure your account. This way you can always get back to your account. Nowadays Gmail has extra security measures. For this, it asks your personal information like a phone number or some other email address et cetera.

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019

How toCreate Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019
How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019

You might have heard that to make a Gmail account, a phone number is mandatory. It is true. However, there are a few other ways of making an account. Let’s discuss what these different ways are.

Simple Steps on How to Create Gmail Accounts Without Phone Number 2019

As above, that Gmail requires a phone number for making an account. This is because Google is the founder of Android. Android is present as an operating system in various mobiles. That is why Gmail takes phone numbers to enhance integration between devices. This is to make the accounts secure. The users can then comfortably use their account without the fear of losing it. However, there are many people who hesitate while sharing their phone number. Thus, this article elaborates three different ways of making an account at Gmail without using a phone number. Read the article below to know more.

Creating Gmail on Your Android Smart Device

You can use Android devices for making an account at Gmail. This is because both Android and Gmail are the creations of a single company—Google. This is a secure way of making an account. By using an Android device you can easily pass the security steps. The procedure via an Android device is simple. You may follow the steps given below.

· Delete All the Google accounts on Your Mobile Device

This doesn’t mean you literally have to delete all the Google accounts from your phone. Here you need to log out of those accounts. The purpose of this is to ensure that no account is present on your device.

· Signup for a New Gmail Account

You may proceed further once you have logged out of all the Google accounts. Gmail won’t pick up your mobile number automatically if you make an account via an Android device. This is because Gmail cannot automatically access your phone number. Same goes for your other contacts. You can’t adopt this method in case you have none Android phone. Similarly, without logging out of your Google account you won’t be able to proceed. If even so, this method fails, you can try the other two stated below.

Creating Gmail on Your Android Smart Device
Creating Gmail on Your Android Smart Device

Using a Random Phone Number Generator

This is also one way of creating a Gmail account. Google has still not updated its apps to a two-way authentication process. Yes, this is the case despite Google’s the big name. Thus, the information submitted while making a Gmail account is rarely ever checked again. This way many people use fake numbers to create an account at Gmail. This is, however, quite a risky way. Google can catch you from using a fake number. You can end up losing your account. Second, you can’t synchronize this account with your mobile phone. Since the phone number, you provided doesn’t belong to you. You may follow the steps mentioned below if you still want to adopt this method.

· Get a Good Random Generator

There are many online phone number generators. You may choose any of them. Some websites also generate numbers along with random user names and residential addresses. You can use this additional information while filling out the information at Gmail.

· Generate Phone Numbers

This comes after you have decided the generator for the process. Follow the steps required by the website to generate the number. The website will provide you the phone number when you finally click the generate button. Now you can finally use this phone number along with its additional information while making the account.

· The Newly Generated Phone Number

Copy the generated number along with its additional information. Provide it while making the account at Gmail. Don’t worry about the verification process. Google won’t send any code to the phone number to verify it. Second, the number you provided is just a random number. It doesn’t belong to anyone. Thus, you need not to worry about the access of your accounts getting into the hands of someone else.

You still need to be careful while using this method. It’s true that Google won’t send any code to the number to verify it. However, if you lost your account, you won’t be able to get it back. So now you understand the purpose behind providing a genuine number. This is a security measure to get back the account in case it gets restricted. There is still another way you may use in case you don’t like the above two methods. Let’s jump to the 3rd method.

Cookies and Cache Setting Reset on Your Web Browser

Your browser keeps on saving cookies and caches. It remembers the sites you have already visited. This ensures that you are the main user of a website and not just a newcomer. Well, you enter none personal information on a website but the browser still keeps your visits in its memory. This is via cookies and cache. By saving them, your browser provides search results based on your activity.

Now come towards making a Gmail account. Google rarely sends a verification code to your phone number. The chances for it are only 3 out of 7. However, there are some rare cases Google might ask you to verify your account. You will get this message again and again if you log in from the same device. Thus, follow the steps stated below to avoid it:

Cookies and Cache Setting Reset on Your Web Browser
Cookies and Cache Setting Reset on Your Web Browser

· First, Just Try On the Web Browser

Follow this step in case you receive none verification orders from Google. If you do, then proceed to the following steps.

· Settings Change

Close your Gmail page as soon as you receive a verification command. Go to the search settings of your browser. Then go to the location menu. For each one of you, the location settings might be a little different. You would have to check them yourself.

· Cookies and Cache Reset

In the settings, you will find the category Cookies and Cache. Click it. In their menu, you will see the delete option. Click on it too. Don’t worry about losing your data. Deleting the cookies and cache doesn’t result in any kind of loss of the data.

· Web Browser Restart

Restart your browser once you have deleted cookies and cache. Now log into your Gmail account. You won’t get any verification command now. In case you get it again, repeat the process mentioned above.

Conclusion on Registering a Gmail Account Without Phone Number

So you see that providing a phone number while making an account on Gmail has more benefits than harm. It secures your account. You can always get your account back if you forget your password. However, if you still hesitate while providing the number, you can use other methods. They can make you escape the verification process at least for a while. Many people have reported that these methods are functional. For them, these methods have provided successful results. It’s better to provide a phone number. It makes your data secure. It can integrate your various devices. You can also keep a check regarding the activity on your account. If you still not want it, you may use alternative methods for making a Gmail account.

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