How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019
How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019

How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019

How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019 – In this technology era where everything can be done from your hands, watching movies and TV shows can be very possible. No wonder there are many digital music services and also movies streaming service that people can enjoy easily.

Many of them are free, but you need to spend some money if hoping to enjoy pro version. Netflix is one of those movies streaming service that allows people to watch any movie and TV show. There are ways on how to get a premium Netflix account for free if you cannot afford to purchase the pro version.

How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free

Is it easy to get the free account? You’ll see later in the next section. As one of biggest streaming apps in the world, Netflix offers something interesting. The list of movies and TV shows is always up-to-date.

They also provide high quality to stream. Thus, the users are very massive that makes it very popular. Although it gives trial use for 30 days, you can still enjoy the app with several ways. Hence, stay tuned here to get to know those ways.

Things You Should Know About Netflix

How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019: Things You Should Know About Netflix
How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019: Things You Should Know About Netflix

Before jumping on ways on how to get a premium Netflix account for free, let’s get to know this streaming service first. As mentioned above, Netflix is a streaming service that enables people to enjoy movies and TV shows. The service is available in various devices and can be downloaded for free.

The important thing is to have internet connection. In order to watch what you want, you have to subscribe to the service meaning that there is some money to spend. It is available for one monthly price. However, users can enjoy trial version for 30 days only.

This streaming service provides thousands of entertainments to watch. It even has the very latest seasons and movies. How do they get that? It is surely by agreement. Once Netflix makes an agreement with Disney for example, those Disney movies can be watched through Netflix.

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There are still many more things to watch, like really. Besides those contents that are from agreements, there are also original series and movies that are produced by this streaming service. Their productions are worth to watch as well such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and many more.

Many people must be wondering whether this streaming service airs current season of a show while it is still on the TV. The answer is no. In the U.S., one whole season of a show will be added to the service once it is completed.

They do not add the show one by one, but all at once. Yet, many people still love the service and are willing to pay for that. On the other hand, others who cannot afford try to find ways on how to get a premium Netflix account for free. To give a better estimation, there are three streaming plans offered by this service. What are they and what will you get? Here is further information about it.

Basic plan

This is the cheapest one to enjoy. Users will be able to enjoy movies and TV shows on one device only, moreover they are available in standard definition. Users can also download titles, but it only works for one device.

Standard plan

The second plan to enjoy is standard plan. It allows users to watch movies and TV shows on two devices in high definition. This one also lets users to download titles on two devices. It means users can enjoy the streaming service in another device such as tablets or phones.

Premium plan

The highest plan to enjoy is the premium plan. Similar to other two plans, users can watch any movie and TV show they want. The differences are in the quality and availability on devices.

As for premium plan, users can enjoy contents on four devices at the same time. Additionally, users can enjoy them in high definition and ultra-high definition. Downloading titles can be done on four devices.

Looking at those plans, having premium account will be very pleasing, right? No wonder many people look for ways on how to get a premium Netflix account for free. One thing that you should know, all the contents in the service can be added and removed as well.

Yes, contents that are removed happen quite often. Netflix always gives fresh contents, so the old ones will be removed. Although many people hope that the contents stay permanently, it cannot go that way. For goodness’s sake, there will always be new contents and removed ones.

Getting Free Netflix Account

As mentioned earlier, there are ways to do in order to enjoy all the contents in the Netflix. It has been very common to watch movies and TV shows through streaming service. As a big streaming service, they provide what the users need.

It is known that users need to pay for the subscription to be able enjoying the service. If any of you cannot afford paying for the subscription, try to know how to get a premium Netflix account for free below.

Enjoy the free trial account

It has been mentioned that free trial won’t charge you anything for 30 days. Therefore, it can be done this way: making new account after trial service is ended. It is best to sign up via PC. Just simply register yourself by filling out name, email, and password.

For free trial account, it will be directed to standard plan. Then, in the payment method, select credit card and fill out the rest of the form. To highlight, trial account is for new member only. Thus, one day before the due date of next payment, cancel the subscription.

Virtual card

Virtual card can be used for paying the Netflix subscription. You can issue the card to the bank and they can make the card. Sometimes, client needs to apply through online website as well. What you will have after the card is made is its PIN and number.

It can only be used for online transaction. This way it can be used for Netflix. Similar to the previous way, register a new account and use virtual card as your payment method. Later, cancel the subscription once it is almost done. This activity can be done again to enjoy free Netflix account.

Google Pay

The downside from using virtual card is the limitation. Netflix can tell whether it is the same person by looking at the same credit card. Therefore, it can only be used once. It is sad but true. Therefore, Google Pay can be a good way of how to get a premium Netflix account for free.

As long as a Google Pay account is valid, users can use this as the payment option. As usual, cancel the subscription one day before the due time. As suggestion, getting free proxy application to be installed is a good thing. Although it is quite safe, wait for one to three days to register with same Google Pay account.

Account generator

A generator has been known widely to be able giving something that relates to things like this. Not only to get iTunes gift card, but it can also give account and password for accessing Netflix. It can be visited to test out its reliability. Although there are many sites that offer generator machine, only some of them that are really trusted.

xFree Netflix accounts

People who want to enjoy premium Netflix is not a few only. Therefore, there are forums that share email and password freely. In order to use this way, one thing to highlight is to ignore information from any website where everyone can access it easily. As solution, joining forums or groups is a safest way to try.

On top of that, why is Netflix worth to subscribe? There are several reasons that you may want to know before subscribing their service. Let’s see all the reasons to select Netflix over other streaming services. Firstly, it is always mentioned that this service provides movies and TV shows.

Free Netflix Accounts With Validity Days 2019

How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019: Free Netflix Accounts With Validity Days 2019
How to Get a Premium Netflix Account For Free 2019: Free Netflix Accounts With Validity Days 2019
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kistymae@aol.comsophie30 Days
genie_kish@bellsouth.netbenjamin0330 Days
pattywagner_2000@yahoo.comjm271960 Days
mattsirois20@gmail.comdiecast860 Days
mattsirois20@gmail.comdiecast860 Days
mysunshineii@yahoo.comartshart60 Days

In fact, there are other things you can watch such as anime, stand-up comedy, and even documentary. Secondly, there are no ads to be found in the middle of streaming. This one is amazing looking at how ads usually pop out in the in other platforms and some people feel annoyed about it.

Thirdly, multiple profiles can be created just from one account. It is useful to separate what you are watching and what your partner is watching. Doing this way, there won’t be any unwanted recommendations that you don’t like. Last but not the least, searching what you want to watch is easier with a help of third-party resources.

It makes your browsing way easier than before. Actually, Netflix has its own recommendation engine. It is not bad, but it needs improvement. Yet, you can use the third-party resources instead. That’s all things about Netflix and how to get a premium Netflix account for free. Hope it helps.

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