How to Get Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023

by Sarah Cage

How to Get Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023 - Several individuals have been seeking how to access US number for WhatsApp registration. This would require some methods and approach on how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023. Would you like to have this US number as well? Below is some crucial information regarding WhatsAppas well as the use of various types of phone numbers.

Getting Free US Number for WhatsApp

Almost everyone knows WhatsApp because the use of social messenger applications is becoming popular. These applications are of different types. Several people love WhatsApp because they do several developments and improvement regularly. Also, you can use the application with ease and it has many features.

Understanding WhatsApp Technology

Besides the benefits earlier mentioned, you can use WhatsApp on most of the operating system such as iOS and Android. The application is also available for window version of PCs. You need not download before using the web version, rather you’ll visit the webpage and you’ll continue the usage. I guess you know why the application is well-known now.

Now, why do we need to use the application with US number? This is because there are many benefits which we can derive by using US number, some of them include:

· Privacy: The first benefit is privacy because if you intend to have a chat with someone and aim to hide your smartphone number, you can use this method. This is because your personal number will not show while using WhatsApp with a virtual phone number. Besides the privacy, there are other benefits which are also available. You can hide your identity while chatting with friends because you can use it on any kind of smartphone. It also works on iOS and Androids. These methods will allow you to create a phone number starting with +1 with ease. Also, you won’t have to make any payment before achieving the number.

· It will protect your number in a secure and simple manner because you won’t use another person’s number.

· Using an International number will enhance your reach

· International number will grant you access to unlimited calls and you won’t pay for the International calls.

For people who are seeking for free International calls and privacy to their real number, they should consider usingUS number because its quitehandy and beneficial. This is why several people are eager to know how to access US number for WhatsApp verification 2023.

Features of WhatsApp US number

· This number provide access to free service

· You’ll have access to call recording

· The application and the number will work with any device easily.

· You’ll have access to creating International numbers starting with +1

List of Best Ways to Verify WhatsApp with a Free US Number

Most people think of how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023 because of privacy issues. Using internet has created a global village where people can connect around the entire world. Below is the best ways to verify Whatsapp if you do not have a US mobile number.

Primo to Validate with no US Number

Primo to Validate with no US Number
Primo to Validate with no US Number

Yet, privacy can be a major problem and threat. Online interactions make people lose their personal information and privacy. But the use of US number will hide your real number and it’s free when you use Primo.

So, what are the steps to manage it?

· You’ll need to download an application and also install it on your personal device. You can achieve this with different applications but we would use Primo. You should visit Google Play and select one.

· After downloading the application, launch it and sign up. Note that when you sign up to use the application, you must input your original phone number via One-Time Password also known as OTP.

· Immediately you finish the verification process, you’ll have access to the menu, which is on the top side towards the left.

· Tap the menu and you’ll have access to the US number on the bottom part.

· Ensure you pen the number

· Launch your WhatsApp. You should delete the previous version and install the new one

· Use the US number for the app verification

· You should wait for ‘call me’ activation option

· Immediately it is active, click it and you’ll receive a call from Primo

· You should listen to the voice call and pen down the code or verification number provided

· Now, your WhatsApp is running using US phone number.

Text Plus to Verify without a USA phone

Text Plus to Verify without a USA phone
Text Plus to Verify without a USA phone

Use Text Plus WhatsApp USA Number Free

People that cannot achieve their aim using Primo still have several options and should stay focused on other applications. Before now, some people are making use of Voxox to get US number but the application is not longer in use. Yet, you need not worry because TextPlus can serve as a good alternative.

The steps are like that of primo:

· Search for the application on Google Play. Download and install it immediately you see it.

· Launch the application and register. You must provide information about your email, password, date of birth, name and gender.

· Navigate to top left area and select menu. You’ll see an option to access number using TextPlus application.

· Just click it and enter information about your country

· Select US and the code number

· You will not have access to a new contact now.

· Use the new number to verify your account. This only involve changing the old one with the new number.

· It’s clear that these two approaches on how to access free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023 is simple and easy. You can figure this out with ease.

2ndLine to activate Whatsapp without a USA number

2ndLine to activate Whatsapp without a USA number
2ndLine to activate Whatsapp without a USA number

Use 2ndLine for Free USA Number Whatsapp

We have earlier stated that there are many applications you can use to access US number. You can use 2ndLine to achieve this aim by following these steps:

· Search for the application on Google Play

· You should download and install the application

· Launch the application and select option ‘Get the free phone number’

· You’ll access a new page where you will provide your electronic mail address and password

· You should input random email and password. You need not worry because you will not verify the email address.

· You must click yes to confirm a permission, ensure you do it.

· Then, you can select the area code of your choice. There are several area codes you can choose such as Ohio whose code is 513. You can also choose the area code of any location and then click continue.

· You’ll come across many of US numbers along with their area code. Just select one. You can also wait while the number refresh so you can pick a new one. Then click ‘Continue’

· Launch your WhatsApp application and input the new number. Ensure you add the extension. Then, click on the OK button.

· WhatsApp is now ready and working with the US number.

· WhatsApp will send a message to the number but that will fail rather you have to select ‘Call Me’ option.

· You need to keep the application open because you’ll receive a call on the other line.

· Pick the phone call and pen the code you hear.

· You should enter the code written on your WhatsApp

· You can now use your WhatsApp with the US number.

Use groove IP

Use groove IP
Use groove IP

This approach involves using a third-party app called “GROOVE IP” for creating a virtual phone number in US and it’s free. People can use the phone number created to send messages and make calls. Yet, you might need money to access those features. Let’s discuss how we can get access to US number using GROOVE IP.

· Navigate the play store on your smartphone

· Search for Groove IP

· Download the GROOVE IP app from the play store of your mobile phone

· The process of download is easy because the app won’t ask you any unnecessary permission.

· Once you install the app on your mobile phone, register with your email address.

· You should also provide other details to complete the registration

· At this stage, the application will ask you to choose the area code of your choice. You can input the area code of your choice or select one from the options provided, then click on next. Now you can choose a smartphone number from the ones on the list provided.

Conclusion on a Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023

If you intend to have a WhatsApp, you need to have a mobile number. You can use an original or fake number. But most people would love to use fake numbers. This is common to online marketers because they would not like to reveal their phone number. Thus, anyone that intend to fake an American number can choose any of the methods listed above. You can use any of the number provided for WhatsApp verification.

It is crucial for you to note that the WhatsApp created using the methods listed above have none guarantee. This is because WhatsApp can request for further verification if they suspect the account is not authentic. So, you should not use this account for sending sensitive information, transaction or personal use.

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