PayPal Gift Card Generator 2023 for Free PayPal Gift Card

by Sarah Cage

PayPal Gift Card Generator 2023 for Free PayPal Gift Card - PayPal is the best online payment system. They have over 250 million users registered on their website. Also,over 10 million users are using their payment system every day. Thus, both consumers and merchants love PayPal. It is easy for Merchants to integrate PayPal with their payment system. Thus, almost every merchant store has added PayPal as a payment option. Also, the consumer gets various benefits when they use PayPal for doing online payments. Many websites offer upto 1%cash back on every purchase if you are using PayPal.

Freelancers can take advantage of PayPal. They can easily send or receive payments from international clients. Hence, almost every freelancer in the world uses PayPal. There are various ways to get a free PayPal gift card. You can use these gift cards go shopping or online purchases. If you need some cash, then you can transfer this money to your bank accounts as well. First, let’s understand what is up with the PayPal gift card.

Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023

Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023
Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023

A PayPal gift card is like any other normal gift cards. Many banks and retail stores give gift cards to their consumers. The gift card already contains amount of balance. You can’t increase or decrease the amount of money. But, you can make payments with these gift cards. If you have a PayPal gift card, then you can use it on websites which accepts PayPal.

You can use the amount which is stated on the card for purchases. You can also transfer this money directly into your PayPal account. Thus, you can use it to build up your bank balance. Many people give these gift cards to their friends or loved ones. If you want to buy this gift card, then you must be a PayPal user. But the user of the card need not be a PayPal user.

How to Get Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023?

How to Get Free PayPal Gift Card Codes2019?
How to Get Free PayPal Gift Card Codes 2023?

It is easy to buy PayPal gift card. But, everyone loves free stuff. You can grab these PayPal gift cards easily. There are plenty of ways which you can use to receive these gift cards. We have discussed five methods in this article.

1. Internet Giveaways

Many popular social media personalities and websites have hosted online giveaways. These giveaways help them in boosting their popularity around the world. Thus, the number of giveaways is increasing every day on the internet.

You can easily find the giveaways with amazing Google search and tools. There are very few requirements for joining these giveaways. All you need to is make an account for yourself. Also, On your social media accounts, you can share these giveaways. If many people are joining the giveaway, then it will become very hard for you to win. But, there is no loss in trying. You may end up winning PayPal gift cards from these giveaways.

There are many fake giveaways on the internet. Thus, you must pay extra caution when you are registering on these giveaway websites. Make sure that these websites don’t ask for personal information like the credit card info. If any website asks for credit card info, it is most likely a fake. You skip that website for some other websites on the list.

2. Online Competitions

Another fun method to receive PayPal gift cards for free is online competition. There are many competitions taking part on the Internet nowadays. Fakebook pages or specific niche websites held most of these competitions. You will have more chances of getting a PayPal gift card by competition compared to Giveaways.

If you like to write, then you can take part in article writing competitions. There are many novel writing competitions. Thus, you can easily win a PayPal gift card by taking part in these contests.

Are you in for photography? Take part in online modeling or photography contests. Here, you need to take a picture of some model or nature. After that, you need to send it to the contest creator on Facebook page. They will post your pictures on their website or Facebook page. You may receive specific amount of points for every like, share and comment. If you have a great social media circle, then you can easily win photography contests.

Every day the creators hold many more local contests online. You can find these contest using Facebook or other social media websites. But, some influencers have hosted fake contests. You must check the reputation of the website which is holding the giveaway before taking part. If FB page or the contest website is badly rated, then you should skip that contest.

3. Micro-Tasks Applications

Many micro tasks websites pay users for specific work online. These websites may or may not give out direct cash. They like to give PayPal gift cards. You can use these PayPal gift cards to do online shopping or cash them out. Many micro tasks applications and websites are available on the internet. Thus, you can easily get up to $100 or more worth of PayPal gift cards monthly.

You need to find these websites to sign up for. After that, they will ask you to perform surveys. The makers targeted these surveys towards a specific community. Hence, you won’t find any problem in answering the questions. If you are using micro-task applications, then you can also watch paid videos. Wasting your time for streaming entertainment; such as: YouTube or Netflix; you can watch these paid videos. Most of the activities would pay very less. But, repeatedly working on them for a while you will earn a good amount of money.

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards. You can also download other apps to earn points. All you have to do is download the apps and keep them active on your phone. If you are from western countries or USA, taking part in surveys is perfect for you. You would get a fair amount of money for the survey. Up to $50 per survey.

4. Local Events

To get free PayPal gift cards by going about at local gatherings. All the other methods require you to stick to your computer. But, this method requires you to go out of your room and join local events.

Many events‘ organizers host activities, games, and fun parties during local events. They would reward free PayPal gift cards to the top winners. Thus, they may reward you free PayPal gift cards by taking part in those events. You will make some new friends. Hence, it is perfect for those people who want to be social.

You can easily search for the local events on event tracker website or Facebook. Just go to the “Events” section of Facebook. There you will see various events which are happening in your area. You can select any event according to your interest.

5. Free Paypal Gift Card Generator Online

The final method is the least reliable. With good free time, try this method. There are various websites online to generate PayPal gift cards.

But, most of the generated gift cards are random. Therefore, they won’t work most of the times. Sometimes these are used old gift cards. It is easy to run through these PayPal gift card generators. Input the PayPal gift card generator address on browser and click on “generate”. The website would generate a list of PayPal gift cards instantly. You can try to redeem these gift cards.

Fake Random Free Paypal Gift Card Codes 2023

Fake Random Free Paypal Gift Card Codes 2023
Fake Random Free Paypal Gift Card Codes 2023








How to Redeem Free PayPal Gift Card 2023?

How to Redeem Free PayPal Gift Card 2023?
How to Redeem Free PayPal Gift Card 2023?

We have already talked about how to grab free PayPal gift cards. Now we will tell you how to use these PayPal gift cards.

Follow the below steps to redeem the digital prepaid gift card.

1. First, open in your browser.

2. Login into your PayPal account.

3. After logging in, click on “Wallet” from the top menu.

4. Click on the “+” sign to activate your gift card.

5. Now, try on “Link a credit or debit card”

6. Now, you need to input your gift card detail. After entering the information try “Link card”

7. Paypal will add all the balance of the gift card in your account. You can use it to do online shopping.

If you are having a physical card, then there is a slight change. You can use the physical gift cards in local shops. But digital gift cards shouldn’t be used in offline shops. You can use these digital cards to shop on online websites only.

The following are the steps to redeem your physical gift card.

1. On your gift card, you would see the store. Go there. You can also visit the online website of that store.

2. Choose all the items which you want to buy.

3. After that, go to the checkout counter.

4. Scan the QR or bar-code of your enter code. You can also enter the gift card code.

5. Gift card amount deduction.

You can use it on every store which accepts PayPal if there is no store on your gift card. Follow the same steps which we have mentioned before.

Redeem the gift card during the checkout process. PayPal system would deduct the balance of the gift card from your bill. It is good to check how much amount is left on your PayPal gift card. Thus, you won’t make any mistakes while shopping.

Follow the below steps to check your gift card amount.

1. First, open in your browser.

2. Login into your online PayPal account via their official website.

3. Go to the “Profile” section of your account.

4. Now, click on the “My Money” option.

5. Click “Get redemption code” in the screen.

6. Enter your gift card code. You can see the balance of your gift card.

You can purchase these gift cards from PayPal; local stores: Target, Walmart, Walgreen; or online e-commerce websites. Many e-commerce websites like e-Bay and Amazon sell PayPal gift cards. But, you can only to buy the voucher for one at a time. The PayPal gift card is a great gift for your family and friends.

As having low on money, you can use free methods to get free PayPal gift cards. After that, you can gift these cards to your friends or family. Thus, you would bring them happiness investing no money.

We have explained various methods to grab free PayPal gift card in 2023. Try all these methods to find out which method is perfect for you. If you live in USA, doing surveys is a great choice for you. If you are a social guy, then going to local events is perfect for you. The PayPal gift card generator is a good alternative if you have a lot of free time. In all cases, you will definitely get a free PayPal gift card finally.

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