Best Sites Like Coursera for Courses in 2023

by Sarah Cage

When it comes to sites that allow you to learn something new online, Coursera is always mentioned. It is one of the best and top online learning sites. But then even the best sites don't have it all. And sometimes, you may search for a course that you don't get to find on Coursera. In that case, what do you do? Where do you look? Are there other sites that you can use?

What Coursera offers is what we call MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). And there are other sites too that provide these MOOCs too. A MOOC is available for a lot of people to learn. And lessons are online. All learners need to do is register. Registration gives them access to all the learning materials. These MOOCs uses videos, discussions and interactive lessons. Also, they use lecture notes, assignments, and quizzes to teach.


List of Best Sites Like Coursera for Courses in 2023

If you are here, reading this, you have an interest in finding sites like Coursera. Well, you have come to the right place.

In this post, you will get all the information that you need. Then, you can head to one of these sites and begin learning. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want. You can improve yourself and your career.

1. edX - Site Link

Best Sites Like Coursera for Courses in 2023: edX
Best Sites Like Coursera for Courses in 2023: edX

This site is well-known for offering courses that have a link with top universities. There are many top colleges and other institutions. Some examples of the universities are - Harvard University, University of California, and Boston University. There are also more like the University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Georgetown University, and University of British Columbia. This is only a small number of the many universities on edX. There are plenty to choose from. And they all offer great courses.

This site covers many areas with their courses. Some examples of the categories include:

· Architecture,

· Arts and Culture,

· Business and Management,

· Data Analysis and Statistics,

· Environmental Studies,

· Health and Safety,

· Humanities,

· Law,

· Literature,

· Music,

· Engineering,

· Science,

· Social Sciences.

Free edX Courses

Paid edX Courses

All courses are free

Quality is the same with paid course

No certificate of completion

Pay to earn a verified certificate

Price is between 50 - 1000 USD

Price depends on certificate type and degree

Price depends on the duration of course

Price little compared to pay in a physical setting

Popular courses on edX

· The Architectural Imagination - Harvard University

· Introduction to Project Management - The University of Adelaide

· Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Columbia University

· Machine Learning - Columbia University

· HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals - Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C)

· Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematical Foundation - University of Pennsylvania

· Digital Marketing - The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

· Project Management - Rochester Institute of Technology

· Data Science - Harvard University

· Digital Product Management - Boston University

2. Alison - Site Link


This site tries to empower and offer knowledge. Alison promotes inclusivity and innovations. The site provides free certificate courses and diploma courses. If the learners want, they can download their record as proof of achievement for free. But learners who wish to get an official certificate will have to pay for it. So, it is a choice. Learners can choose to buy an official certificate or not.

Alison offers various courses in many categories. Some examples of the categories they cover are:

· Software Development,

· Software Engineering,

· Health,

· Humanities,

· Science,

· Business

· Operations,

· Languages,

· Marketing.

Alison Course Type

Average Course Duration

Certificate courses

2-3 hours

Diploma course

8-10 hours

Learning Path

18-20 hours

Alison also offers career guidance to learners. Learners get career skills and guidance based on the stage of life that they are in. Whether High school or University. Making a career change, re-entering the workforce, starting a new career or upskilling. This platform also offers the ability to search beneficial courses. Search based on specific and intended jobs.

Popular Courses on Alison

· Diploma in Supply Chain Management

· Diploma in Project Management

· Diploma in Human Resources

· Applied Operations Management - Inventory Models

· Diploma in Statistics

· Diploma in Marketing Management

· Diploma in English Language and Literature

· Introduction to Mobile and Cloud Computing

3. Udacity - Site Link

This is another platform that provides online education. Udacity have a wide variety of courses for learners. Learners can enjoy the classes for free. But, if they want their work evaluated by a professional, they have to pay.

Premium payment covers gaining a verified certificate. It includes many other benefits. The fee is 199+ USD monthly. And it gives the learner access to all the courses on the platform within that month.

They have a target for learners in the tech industry . Udacity great feature is that it offers Nanodegrees.

Free Courses

Paid Courses

All courses are free

No work evaluation

No verified certificate

Work evaluated by professionals

Earn verified certificate

Pay 199+ USD/ month

Udacity offers many courses and training in various program categories. For example:

· Artificial Intelligence,

· Data Science,

· Business,

· Cloud Computing,

· Programming and Development, among many others.

Popular Courses on Udacity

· Computer Networking by Georgia Tech

· Introduction to Python Programming

· Developing Android Apps

· Full Stack Web Development

· Data Science

· Introduction to HTML and CSS

· Android Basics: User Interface

4. Udemy - Site Link


Most of the top-rated courses on this online education platform comes at a fee. Yet, there are still free courses. The paid courses start at a rate of 10 USD and with some specific courses can go as high as 300 USD to learn. Udemy is an excellent place for learners interested in acquiring knowledge for variety of skills.

But, Udemy offers great discounts on courses. And these discounts help bring the rate down. Especially for much higher courses.

The courses on this platform cover various categories. Some examples of the categories include:

· Photography,

· Development,

· Business,

· Finance and Accounting,

· IT and Software,

· Health, among many other areas.

Popular courses on Udemy

· The Web Developer Bootcamp

· Complete Python Bootcamp

· The Complete Digital Marketing Course

· The Complete Financial Analyst Course

· Graphic Design Bootcamp

· Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

· Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-on Python and R in Data Science

5. LinkedIn Learning - Site Link

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning

This learning platform affiliated with the popular professional networking site, LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning was before known as Lynda.

Learners can enjoy free courses on LinkedIn Learning. But, the free courses are few. Learners who wish to have full access can pay a subscription fee. They pay 29.99 USD monthly or 239.88 USD per year (at a rate of 19.99 USD monthly). This subscription fee offers access to over 13,000 expert-led courses. Also offers flexibility to view courses both on PC and mobile phone. And personalized course recommendations, exercise files and quizzes for practicing,

LinkedIn Learning also offers a 1-month free trial with access to all its premium content. And very often, LinkedIn offers about 24 hours to premium paid courses.

Popular Courses on LinkedIn Learning

· Data Science and Analytics Career Paths and Certification: First Steps

· Access 2016 Essential Training

· Critical Thinking

· Online Marketing Foundations

· Project Management Foundations

· Excel 2016 Essential Training

6. Codecademy - Site Link


Codecademy focuses on programming and coding, as the name suggests. Codecademy say they invented and have now perfected the best system for learning to code. This platform uniqueness is that they replaced lecture videos with interactive coding session. So, you learn by practicing. This "learn by doing" approach works for every level of learners. Within a short time every learner can write codes.

Codecademy helps point you in the right direction. When you are unsure where to start, they give personalized recommendations. Submitted code get tested and feedback given to the learner.

On Codecademy, all courses are free. But, Codecademy offers a pro membership. This provides premium services to make learning new skills so much easier.

Pro Membership

Includes real-world projects that build portfolio

Exclusive practice content and quizzes

Customized learning blueprint

A step-by-step roadmap showing where to start learning towards goal achievement

Community support

Pro members collaborate on projects

Pro members share resources

Pro Membership Price Plan

· 19.99 USD/ month

· 107.94 USD every 6 months

· 191.88 USD/ year

Popular Courses on Codecademy

· Learn SQL

· Learn Java

· Introduction to JavaScript

· Introduction to HTML

· Learn C++

· Programming

· Learn R

· Learn Python 2

7. Skillshare - Site Link


This online education promotes learning from real-life professionals in the field. Learners on this platform learn by doing as classes include prompts and resources. They can create projects that they will be proud to display or tell the world about. Learners get to learn by sharing resources and collaborating with other learners. Skillshare lets you practice, make your own creations and give feedback.

Skillshare covers classes in:

· Design,

· Illustration,

· Technology,

· Business,

· Photo and Film,

· Writing,

· Entrepreneurship.

Skillshare offers some of its courses for free. But, to enjoy the full benefits and offerings of this platform, a premium account is a great idea. For the first month, learners have access to the premium account for free. Then they have to pay 12 USD monthly or 100 USD/year.

Popular Courses on Skillshare

Modern Watercolor Technique

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Mastering Illustrator

Excel for the Real World: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel

When to choose a Free or Paid course?

Choose Paid Course when:

Choose Free Course when:

You need proof of course completion

You want assignments evaluated with feedback

You wish to work with paid instructors

You don't need proof of course completion

You want to learn with little to spend

You are testing the website

Conclusion of Best Sites Like Coursera for Courses in 2023

So, there you have it. All the great MOOC sites like Coursera, so you can start your learning online. Pick an area of interest, stay committed, and learn new skills.

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