Best 1337x Proxy List in 2023

by Sarah Cage

Best 1337x Proxy List in 2023 -1337x is among the oldest torrent sites in history. Besides being appealing, well structured, and many more. It is also one of the most trusted torrent websites in the world. Last year, it made the top ten torrent sites of 2018. It has millions of torrents. And thousands of active users. It is a well-managed. And the contents are well-organized. You can download the torrents of your choice by selecting the category you want. There are several categories there. TV shows, games, software, etc. And to be honest, this is what everybody wants from a torrent site. Also, you can search for whatsoeveryou want. And before you know it, you will discover several verified torrents to download from. Talking of speed, 1337x has it. It is fast beyond imagination. But, a torrent with all these amazing features, how can we not expect the government to ban it from their country? Also, I guess you have been pondering why you can’t access 1337x lately? Don’t worry too much. In this blog post, we will clear your doubt.

The Idea of a 1337x Proxy

It has an attractive menu. It allows you to navigate the sections at the snap of a finger. Sections such as Movies, Music, Television, Games, Anime,... It has a search bar on top of the sub-section menu. On the website as well, you can find options like Contact, Trending, and more. The torrent listing is very much easy to navigate. Next, to the torrent name, you will see the torrent details. The number of seeders and leechers. Likewise, the number of comments.

is a 1337x Proxy for Torrents Safe to Use?

is a 1337x Proxy for Torrents Safe to Use?
is a 1337x Proxy for Torrents Safe to Use?

Generally speaking, public torrents are always considered being harmful. The reason is not far-fetched. While trying to download a torrent of your choice, someone might have planted malware. As a result, your PC might get infected with a virus. But, 1337x torrents is safe to some extent. Because, you can find out if a file is malicious before downloading.

By default, torrents should be safe to use. But because of piracy theft, it is illegal. In the US, for example, DMCA and ISPs work hand in hand to fish out anybody accessing such sites.

I can’t access1337x torrents. Should a proxy help ?

Yes, it’s normal you can’t access this amazing website from your school or home. There might be various reasons for that. Let me clarify them for you, one after the other.

  • The site might be down.
  • Your network firewall might stop you from accessing the site.
  • Your Internet Service Provider might have blocked 1337x completely from their server.
  • Your country might have banned the site.

What can I do then?

Relax, there is a way out. And I will show you one by one. First, you need to know this. 1337x has more than a few official domains. So, if your ISP blocks one, you can try the others. But, one thing though. You should install an ad blocker on your browser. The reason is that there are lots of Ad pop-ups on the site.

1337x Official domains (not a proxy)

  • (main domain)
  • (It has been active since Oct. 2017)
  • (It has been active since Dec. 2017)
  • (It has been active since Mar. 2018)
  • (It has been active since May. 2018)

If any of the above-listed domains work for you, congratulate yourself. You have done well. But, if it doesn’t. No need to panic yet. They are the official URL of the site. Chances are that your ISP has blocked them already.

Now what?

The official URLs didn’t work? I can’t access 1337x either? Don’t give up yet. It’s not yet over. You can still make use of 1337x proxy sites. Or better still, you can use an online proxy server to access the original site.

Features of 1337x Proxy servers

A proxy server is a kind of gateway in the middle of you and the site you intend to access. It is true your ISP can stop you from accessing a site. But, if you access the site through a proxy server, I’m afraid, they won’t able to stop you. The reason for this is not far-fetched. When you access a site through a proxy server, you are not the one accessing the site yourself. All that your ISP we know is that you are entering a site. Nothing more. Nothing less. The proxy site attends to all other matter. It collects data and sends a request on your behalf. Simple, isn’t? Yes, it is. You order the proxy server all around and it gets you everything. It is one of the easiest ways to access 1337x in case other domains are down. In this article, we will give you some free proxy servers that are fast, and secured.


I know you might be asking. What if the proxy servers are down themselves? Is there any other way around it. Yes, there is.

List of 1337x Proxies and Their Ratings

Proxy sites are an exact copy of 1337x. Although they have dissimilar URLs, their contents remain the same. This is a lasting solution to all other alternatives. They are plenty in number. And they don’t get blocked like that. Also, it is easy to use. You only have to visit the site. That’s all. Below is a list of 1337x proxy & mirror sites you can visit.

1337x Proxy Name

1337x Proxy Link

Rating Speed


Very fast


Very fast


Very fast







Very fast



Proxysite US



VPN for 1337x instead of a Proxy

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also a great way to access the torrent site. In my own opinion, it is the best solution so far. You don’t have to go through legal issues again. And face bans from the government. If, for example, all proxy sites are down or no longer active then VPN is your surest bet. With VPN, you can be able to navigate the site without your ISP knowing. But it is quite limited in some regard. For example, if you are trying to download a torrent using a torrent download manager. They will be of no work. But, a premium VPN will allow you to choose between hundreds of servers. Also, you will get access to full privacy, and of course,great browsing speed. My advice to you is that you can try and get a VPN if you have the money. Or you can go for the browser extension. Or a proxy server. They will protect you to an extent.

Using TOR Browser

Tor browser has been around for quite some time. It allows you to access the internet with your IP hidden. It is completelyfree. The US Navy created it several years ago. It is not profit-oriented. The primary reason for creating it was because of AI. The government wanted to be using it to spy on neighboring countries. It has a .onion web version apart from the main app. With tor browser, you can visit any blocked site in any place without your ISP knowing. One disadvantage though: Tor is not safe. So, experts don’t recommend it.

List of 5 Best Alternatives to 1337x Proxies

List of 5 Best Alternativesto 1337x Proxies
List of 5 Best Alternatives to 1337x Proxies

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular alternative to 1337x. It is one of the largest torrent sites out there. It records millions of online visitors daily. You can download any torrent file from it. From music to movies to games, etc. It works on peer to peer BitTorrent file sharing protocol. You might not be able toaccess it from many countries due to copyright protection. But a lot of people have come up with proxy and mirror sites alternatives.


Currently, Rarbg is the third most popular torrent site in the world. It is the second most preferred option to 1337x. It works on the same file sharing protocol. They launched it in 2008. According to a report by SimilarWeb, it has over 90 million monthly visitors.


This torrent site is a perfect replacement for 1337x. I have used the service myself. And I can assure you that it is awesome. It provides you with almost the same user experience. Music, movies, anime, apps, software, TV shows, etc. In 2016, it was the second most popular torrent site in the world.

Kickass Torrents

It is a good alternative to 1337x. It first came online in 2008. And after that time, it became the most popular torrent site around 2014 to 2016. Around that same 2016, the US government seized its domain name because of copyright issues. And was later launched with a new domain name: At present, it is not as popular as it was before.


This is the last alternative on the list. It is not as popular as the four mentioned above. It is a new torrent site. It works on BitTorrent peer-to-peer file transfer protocol. It has many proxy sites. So you don’t have to worry about closure.

Conclusion on Top 1337x Proxies in 2023

The internet is full of different torrent sites lately. But only a few of them offer good services and unlimited contents. There are two ways of judging a torrent site. Does it upload contents as often as others? Second, does it have many active seeders? Else, such site won’t leave you with a good experience.

Luckily for you, 1337x is all-encompassing. You don’t have to worry about such issues.

Disclaimer: Using the 1337x Proxy or Alternative to "seed" or "leech" copyright materials can be illegal in your location. The consequence of these actions will be lawsuits from your government. We do not endorse such illegal acts by any mean. 

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