Top Torrent Sites in 2023

by Sarah Cage

Top Torrent Sites in 2023 - The need to have a faster and reliable method of downloading digital contents from the internet is becoming stronger every day, why won’t it be so? Contents like videos, games, graphics, etc., are getting better in quality, but adversely increasing in file size, and these are contents will need to download to our local devices. The main issue here is not even the fact it takes a lot of time and an excessive amount of data to download big files from the internet, it is the heartbreak that one experience when a download fails at about seventy to ninety percent of completion. But well, the torrent downloading method is here to save the day. Just in case you’ve onlybeen hearing about torrent and doesn’t know how it works, here is a simple explanation that will make you understand how torrent works.

List of Top Torrent Sites Downloading in 2023

Unlike traditional downloading method that routes a request to a central server, torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system, i.e., the whole file does not live on a single computer, it is shared among swarms of computers that are uploading and downloading the file at the same time. Think of it this way; I want a particular software with the digital structure of 1 to 100; I download a .torrent and load it into a torrent client, then the client connects my computer with a tracker that further connects my computer with hundreds of other computers who are trying to download the same file as mine. Now the structure of the bits that make up the software can be downloaded from other computers in the swarm, then re-shared among other peers who haven’t got the bit, at the end of the process everyone has a completed software downloaded to their computer. Now you should understand why torrent downloading is so fast.

But while been excited at the efficiency of torrent downloading you should also know that it is a crime to use torrent websites in some countries because most content shared via torrent are pirated and merely taking part in the sharing in those countries is breaking the law. Some countries do not see using torrent as a crime. There are legally curated contents on torrent websites too. As a disclaimer, we do not encourage sharing pirated contents. Here are the best Torrent websites in 2023.

1. The Pirate Bay - Site - Link

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has been holding the ace among torrent website for a long time; it should not be surprising that it is still one of the leading torrent websites in 2023. The site gained more popularity after ExtraTorrent and KickAss went down. Unlike some other torrent websites, The Pirate Bay has maintained its original domain and website layout and designs, which makes it easy for users to navigate and find torrent files with less stress.

One reason TPB is preferable for torrent users is the number of seeds (the number of users who already downloaded the file and now uploading for others to download), more seeders enhance downloading speed. The Pirate Bay has been blocked in some countries, but you can still access it from such countries with the help of Virtual Private Networks.

The Pirate Bay is on number 289 on Alexa Rank and here are more reasons to use The Pirate Bay; one of the oldest and trusted torrent website, multiple mirrors to download from, and VIP user badge for dedicated users.

2. - Site - Link

For lovers of high-quality movies, is specially for you. Though the website claims to have nothing to do with the original YTS YIFY, many still accused the website of name hijacking. Nevertheless, despite the grudges against the website, movie freaks worldwide won’t joke with The beautiful website interface is enough to make compete with any standard streaming website, and the home page is no longer jam-packed with irrelevant stuff, but a simple search page.

Accessing YTS.AG contents require signing up with an account you can also make movie request and leave comments on the website. switched domain, and that is responsible for it relegation on Alexa Rank, but it still does well to stay at 185th position. Other reasons you should make use of YTS.AG is the ever efficient search, filter, and sort functions, and detailing of each torrent files is another reason.

3. - Site - Link

If you are one of the internet users that don’t fancy the look of a website as long the website can deliver the functions required of it, then you should make use of for your torrent downloads, what the website lacks in appearance it has in effectiveness. While leeching or seeding on the website, both types of users should be ready to tolerate many pop-up ads and new-window advertisements that will appear, better still you can make use of ad-blockers to prevent Ads disturbance. features all the popular digital contents users might want to download via torrent, e.g., movies, e-books, music, games, software, etc. There is also a separate section dedicated for movie trailers; watching trailers might not be your main purpose of visiting a torrent website but it cost you nothing to have a quick peek into the section, and maybe you will want to stay longer. ranks 328 on Alexa ranking, here are more reasons to use; the website focuses on providing quality contents for users, a blog section is available for news, discussion, and problem-solving purposes.

4. - Site - Link

There is nowhere you will mention top five torrent website around the worth, and the name of this website won’t come up, the website has made a good reputation for itself in the torrenting business. Visually appealing design is one of the top reasons receives more traffics than its counterparts, who wouldn’t be attracted to something beautiful. features torrents of different categories, the website doesn’t want you to always stress you in searching for suitable torrents to download, so they provide top 100 torrents from each available categories, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the categories manually if you wish so.

The website ranks 246 on Alexa ranking, and the major advantages of this website over others are the neatness and the efficiency of the search function.

5. - Site - Link is another excellent torrent website, the website is well known for its regular updates, and its integrity in providing malicious-free contents for users to download, the website design is enticing. torrent features various categories such as applications, movies, games, and so on. Two distinct sections that can help you find amazing contents faster are the top 100/trending torrents section and the latest torrents section.

Users can create account to have access to more of features such as the ability to upload contents, add torrents to bookmarks/favorite, review torrents, communicate with other users, and more. ranks 967 on Alexa ranking and here are more reasons to use the website; torrent reviews to help you select the best torrents to download, communications between users to discuss on the many great contents available on the site.

6. - Site - Link is not an actual torrent website because it does not host its contents. However, its job is handy when finding torrents to download. is a search engine or indexing website for other torrent websites. Its role is to find valid links of torrents on other websites so that users can navigate there and download the content.

Aside from indexing, also provides a list of popular torrent tags across multiple torrent sites, a click on each tag reveals numerous links to follow and download the content from various sources. ranks 525 on Alexa ranking. Below are reasons while you should consider this website for your torrent downloads; a search engine that pulls data from over 90 torrent sites, multiple mirror sites, onion address, and more.

7. - Site - Link does not have a nice appearance, agreed, but it is one of the few torrent websites that put more effort in providing genuine torrent files, the website even goes to the length of paying users that report fake torrents. With this feature, it attracts more users who are interested in genuine torrent only. There are many categories to explore, and the site’s navigation makes exploration a fun task. is not doing well on Alexa ranking by ending up at 5561st position, but the ranking cannot be used to judge its indispensable service, or which another torrent website is so desperate in providing authentic torrent files for its users.

8. EZTV - Site - Link


EZTV provides TV shows for users to download via torrents and nothing else, but even with only this, the website has managed to keep itself among the most visited torrent websites. The design and layout of the website are very minimalistic and does not consume much data; the contents are listed in tables, and you can download them directly. However, by creating a user account and logging in, you can add torrents to the favorite list and download them later.

With only one category EZTV ranks 1276 on Alexa ranking, another notable advantage of using EZTV is the countdown to when new episodes will be uploaded.

9. Zooqle - Site - Link


Zooqle is a new name in the torrenting scene, but still, the website is taking credits as one of the torrents websites that provide best quality torrent file. At the rate it is becoming more popular, it will soon be contending for top three torrent websites.

Zooqle website is a website that users can navigate seamlessly; its neat and simple arrangements helps users to find desirable torrent files quickly. Zooqle displays zero ads on it web pages. Zooqle main focus is on movies and tv shows, but you can also find other contents such as software, music, audiobooks,… on the website.

Zooqle ranks 1764 on Alexa ranking and more reasons you should make use of it include; many sub-categories to explore, cool arrangements of contents and information related to them.

10. - Site - Link

Another torrent indexing website similar to, but it does slightly more than what do. is more like an indexer for other torrent indexing websites. So when you are searching for a torrent file on website, it will not only look for it on original torrent websites but also check torrent search engines past queries if it could find something relevant there too.

And to complete its indexing service, arranges search result by popularity and relevance so that users will know which link to click first. ranks 4936 on Alexa ranking. The website uses over 120 torrent websites and search engines as its search database, a graphical pattern of how people search is also provided on the website home page.

Conclusion on Top Torrent Sites in 2023

If you look elsewhere for the best torrent sites in 2023, these are the same websites you will find on the list, so instead of looking further, why not explore these sites and discover a new world of torrent files as you have never seen before?

Disclaimer: We do not approve illegal activity of sharing copyrighted contents and data via these top torrent sites. Doing so would cause you legal troubles in your country. Please confirm with the local law. We have no idea where you are from reading this site. But be warned! It is unethical to torrent copyrighted media. Just buy them with your own saving.

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