Best Virtual Credit Card Providers in 2023

by Sarah Cage

Gone are the days when people were restricted from making payments for goods and services in physical cash. With advancements in technology that greeted the business world, people can now make payments for goods and services purchased from any location.

The transformation has become possible due to the introduction of virtual credit cards (VCC). The VCC performs similar transaction activities like physical credit cards. With the virtual credit card, you can pay for goods and services purchased from online stores. The introduction of virtual credit cards has also become beneficial to merchants and business owners - because their business has progressed tremendously. The progress recorded by the merchants is attributed to the increased customer base in various parts of the world. Through the use of virtual credit cards, customers can pay for goods purchased from the comfort of their couch. With the difficulty experienced by customers to access credit cards and the importance of virtual credit cards to business owners and online merchants, it becomes imperative to discuss the best providers of the virtual credit card to intending users. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the best virtual credit card providers you can use in 2023.

What Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Means

A VCC (Virtual Credit Card), also known as a prepaid credit card, is a payment tool designed for customers to carry out business transactions online. With the VCC, you can load money from an accredited bank or financial institution. The funding of your VCC is carried out through your bank account. The VCC is a perfect alternative to credit cards. Hence, if you encounter difficulty in getting a credit card, you need not worry. Just get virtual credit cards, and you will have access to most features that are available with a credit card.

Advantages of Using VCC (Virtual Credit Card)

1. Flexibility and Ease of Use

The VCC is a type of credit card that is easy to use for all holders. You don't need to worry about your balance because credit history does not exist in VCC. The VCC allows its users to increase or decrease their funding limit - depending on their desires. Hence, you can select the payment limit, and the time you can make payment with the VCC. The service you benefit from using a VCC depends on the provider. Therefore, you need to get a VCC from the best provider. Also, VCC is widely accepted by most online merchants and e-commerce stores.

2. Safety and Security

One of the fears and disadvantages of using a credit card is its vulnerability to digital thieves and hackers. With the use of VCC, you can be sure that you will get your fund secured. Unlike the credit card, the VCC is not linked to your bank account. You are the only one that has the details of the VCC. Hence, it becomes safe and secured from digital thieves and hackers. While making online transactions, payment with VCC does not require you to input your details. With this feature, your details are retained with you. In case you are scammed while making payment, VCC has got an excellent scam protection system whereby you can file for a chargeback for your funds.

3. Change of Currency

The VCC is a perfect payment tool for making payments for the purchase of goods and services from another country. With VCC, you can make payment in popular currencies like the GBP, USD, and EURO. Also, you have to do is ensure that your VCC issuer provides has this feature as part of their payment services.

Summary of Best VCC Services / Providers in 2023

The table below summarizes the features of the VCC (Virtual Credit Card) providers.

Virtual Credit Card Providers Features
  1. Transaction attracts little charges.
  2. Users can link the virtual credit card to multiple websites.
American Express
  1. It offers its users cashback on transactions.
  2. It takes some financial cuts on your account yearly.
  1. Users can link their bank account to the card.
  2. It charges users a little token as transaction charges.
  1. No activation fee is required.
  2. There is no limit to the amount you can have on the card.
NetellerIt has links to Skrill and PayPal.
Walmart Money CardIt is used to carry out business transactions seamlessly.
Bank FreedomYour personal information is not required while making transactions.

Best VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Providers

1. Payoneer - VCC Link

Payoneer is a fantastic VCC provider that facilitates the payment of goods and services effortlessly. The popular payment provider offers excellent payout services to most online companies. With Payoneer, you can receive and make payment at the comfort of your couch. The VCC provider issues its users prepaid MasterCard - used as VCC to receive and make payment in popular currencies to various websites. Payoneer will only charge a little service charge. Payoneer has a feature whereby you can link multiple payment websites with one prepaid card. You can signup for a Payoneer account at no cost. If you are a freelancer or involved in online business transactions, Payoneer is an excellent VCC provider you can trust.

2. American Express - VCC Link

American Express
American Express

To date, American Express is a leading VCC provider that offers excellent services to individuals that desire to become a virtual credit cardholder. With the American Express issued VCC, you can receive payment from online companies. You can also use the American Express issued VCC to make payment when shopping on e-commerce websites and online companies. Companies and individuals widely use American Express. You can get some cash back when you make payment with the online payment tool. However, American Express will take some financial cut on your account yearly. When you sign up for an account on American Express, you can choose between a physical or virtual version of a credit card. To make its services accessible, American Express has a well-designed mobile app through which you can monitor transactions on your VCC.

3. Entropay - VCC Link


Entropay is an excellent financial business through which its users can make payments and receive funds effortlessly. To date, Entropy is one of the best generators of virtual credit cards. It has a department that focuses on the generation of virtual credit cards to users at no cost. With Entropay, you can get a free virtual visa card that you can use for a common business utility like payment of goods and services to online companies. You can also get a prepaid VCC for online transactions. The VCC issued by Entropay can be linked to your bank account. The process of creating an account on Entropay is done at no cost. You are charged a little token on each transaction on Entropay.

4. Netspend - VCC Link


If you are a US resident and need a virtual credit card, Netspend is the best VCC provider you can visit. You can use the VCC issued by Netspend to make payment and receive funds from various online companies. While shopping on e-commerce and online stores, you can pay for goods and services purchased with the Netspend issued virtual credit card. With Netspend, you don't need to pay an activation fee to get a Netspend card. However, you need to verify your account before enjoying the features of the Netspend card. Also, Netspend has no limit to the funds you can have on your card. You can signup to get a visa debit card and prepaid MasterCard on Netspend.

5. Neteller - VCC Link


If you live anywhere around the United States, Neteller is an excellent VCC provider you can visit to get your credit card. With the Neteller card, you can make payments and receive money from various online companies. You can also link the Neteller card to your account on e-commerce websites for business transactions. The VCC provider also has links to Skrill and PayPal. Through the Neteller card, you can make payments faster and quicker than other VCC providers. To get a Neteller card, you need to create an account by providing your details.

6. Wallmart MoneyCard - VCC Link

Wallmart MoneyCard
Wallmart MoneyCard

Walmart Money Card is an outstanding VCC provider that offers payment solutions to residents of the United States. With the prepaid and MasterCard issued by Walmart Money Card, you can receive and make payment seamlessly. Through the use of Walmart Money Card, you can pay for goods purchased from online shops and also use it to transfer money. Walmart Money Card does no take cuts on any of your transactions. You don't need to link your account with the VCC before it can be used for business transactions. The registration to the platform is free of cost.

7. Bank Freedom - VCC Link

Bank Freedom

Bank Freedom is a VCC provider that offers its users excellent business transaction services. With the Bank Freedom issued credit card, you can make vital business transactions seamlessly. The usage of the virtual credit card incurs no charges. Bank Freedom does not require that you link your card to your account. Also, your details are kept intact when making transactions. Hence, you are safe from digital thieves. You can register to the platform at no cost.


The introduction of VCC has made the business transaction easier and quicker. Today, I have discussed the best VCC providers you can choose in 2023. You can get your VCC from any of them, and you will not regret doing so.

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