How to Get Grammarly Premium Free in 2023

by Sarah Cage

How to Get Grammarly Premium Free in 2023 - We are in a world where the difference between a great article and a mediocre one is a grammatical error or two. Articles aside, such error could be what invalidates that proposal or scholarship essay. Fortunately, it’s been Grammarly to the rescue! The software has been saving the day since its release in 2009. It does right about everything. It functions as a grammar and spelling checker. It also functions as a plagiarism detector.

Why Looking for Grammarly Premium for Free in 2023?

Why Looking for Grammarly Premium for Free in 2023?
Why Looking for Grammarly Premium for Free in 2023?

The basic version of Grammarly is free. It is as simple as getting it as an app on an Android or iOS device. It is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Let’s just say there’s no plausible excuse for not using the basic version of the Grammarly software. Not using the premium version, though? There is a very plausible reason for that. Not everyone can afford the fee that comes with owning the premium version. And this is not only a function of how expensive it is or not. This is probably the reason nobody minds getting an otherwise paid version for free or for close to free. Why? Well, who can say no to free or less expensive but high-quality things?

There are currently three pricing plans on Grammarly. Users can make payments either monthly, quarterly, or annually. The monthly subscription goes for $29.95. For quarterly payments, it is $19.98 per month. The annual plan which Grammarly says would give the best value is $11.66 per month. The annual fee is billed as a total payment of $139.95

There are many perks associated with the Grammarly premium version. If you want to enjoy them for free, be our guest! No need to worry, all the methods here are legal. You don’t have to worry about a pricking conscience when you make use of any of these methods.

Not sure why you should get the premium version? Maybe we can convince you.

Free Features of Grammarly Premium

It has all the features in the free version but its algorithm is more advanced. Before we go into the methods proper, here are the features that make this version stand out.

· More efficient grammar checker

The free version checks for only about 100 – 150 grammar errors. The premium account, on the other hand, checks for 250 errors

Checks for plagiarism

With the premium account, you would have no need for another plagiarism software. This also saves you money in some way. You no longer have to set aside money to get credits on other plagiarism checkers. All your post-writing activities get done with only the premium account! It checks for plagiarism in over 16 billion web pages. That is a lot!

It doesn’t stop at that. It improves the quality of your work. It does this by highlighting those passages that would fare better with citations. It also makes available the resources that would help you credit sources you used. This feature is in no way available on the free version.

Detects wrong sentence structure

Wrong use of conjunctions. Wrong or missing punctuations in a compound and a complex sentence. Grammarly premium account finds and helps you to fix everything.

Suggests better words

You would get suggestions on better word choices to use. This is geared towards improving the quality of your written content.

Picks out wordy sentences

Wordy sentences reduce the readability of your writing. Using a Grammarly premium account to would fix it.

Human proofreaders

With a premium account, professional human proofreaders are at your beck and call.

Other features are

Detection of improper formatting

Detection of overused words

All these features and even more are absent in the free version. This is why the premium version is a must-have.

Learn How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free in 2023?

While these methods are very easy, getting the best results might take some time. No, not months, years or even weeks. You should know that no one method is entirely free. Still, you can get a free account for as long as months. Read on to find out what it entails

1. Free Grammarly Premium account for bloggers - Premium Free

Free Grammarly Premium account for bloggers
Free Grammarly Premium account for bloggers

If you have a blog with large traffic, then you are in luck. Your blog also has to be self-hosted. It’s a double win if your blog has a good search engine ranking. Also, you have better chances if your blog is in a Grammarly related niche. This means education, tech, blogging, and marketing blogs. Here’s how to go about it

· Visit the Grammarly page and signup for a new account

· Make use of the Grammarly free version for a few days. One or two days is fine

· Shoot a cold email over to the Grammarly team via their support forum. The message should be centered on how you would like to publish a sponsored post for Grammarly. It should mention that you’ve used the free version of Grammarly and want to use the premium one. There is no way you can do this without a premium account access and so, you’re requesting for one. Make sure you focus on what they also stand to gain from the review. Talk about your blog, and lay emphasis on your blog’s statistics too. You need to be as convincing as possible.

· When the request gets approved, you would get a username and password for a premium account. Note that this account would only be valid for at least a month.

· Now, you have to use the account, review, and publish that post you talked about.

· Once you publish the post, be sure to send it to the Grammarly team.

2. Get Grammarly premium for free through an affiliate program

Get Grammarly premium for free through an affiliateprogram
Get Grammarly premium for free through an affiliate program

Here, not only would you get a free premium account, but you also get an opportunity to make money with Grammarly. You have to first apply for an affiliate account. Every new affiliate gets a 1-month free premium upgrade. There is also a $25 bonus when you first become an affiliate. For every new premium signup with your affiliate link, you get $20! If it is a sign-up for a free account, you would get a $0.20 reward. Here are steps to take

· Create a new Grammarly account

· Sign-up to Grammarly Affiliate and wait for about 2-3 business days to get it approved

· Once your account gets approved, send the details of your new account to Grammarly. You are to do this by replying the email they sent to you.

· You would then get a 1-month Grammarly premium account for free within 2-3 business days

3. Grammarly premium free account with Grammarly business and EDU

Grammarly premium free account with Grammarly businessand EDU
Grammarly premium free account with Grammarly business and EDU

If you are a student or work in an educational institute, you can get someone in authority to help you out. This is because many academic institutions already have existing premium accounts. It could be your head of department or the head of your faculty. Same applies if you work in the content writing industry. You should get an access code that would let you use the premium account. Note that the validity of these access codes depends on how many people have made use of it. If a code has been used to sign-up beyond its normal limit, then it might not work anymore. Access is always for about 7 days. Once you get one,

· Sign-up on Grammarly via the EDU link

· Fill your personal details in

· Gain access to the premium account by entering the EDU access code

There is a Grammarly business plan feature available. Business owners can take advantage of this. If you work in a business organization without an account, you can still get to enjoy the features for free. After this, you would have to go on and make a bulk/license purchase for the organization. The Grammarly group plan costs about $10 per month for each member. Follow the steps below to start off with the free trial

· Start by creating a new free Grammarly account

· Request for a free trial for your organization

· You would then get a free trial for the premium account for some days. After the days elapse, you have to make your purchase via Grammarly business.

4. Huge discounts off premium account subscription fee

If you intend to upgrade to the premium account later on, then this is for you. Discounts are actually a fair deal when you consider what you stand to gain in the long run. You still get a part of the premium account for free. That might just be all that matters, especially to your pocket. You can get up to 50% discount off the original payment fee. This way, you get to pay lesser than what you normally would have had to. You could get a year’s subscription at the price of half a year’s subscription. Grammarly typically sends a discount email of about 40 – 55% to new users. You can get to enjoy the free premium account for almost 6 months. Here are the steps to take

· Create a Grammarly account with a new email

· Get the email address verified and then wait for about 2 - 3 business days

· An email containing a discount link to upgrade in premium would be sent to you

· Click the discount link and upgrade to a premium account.

There you have it! 4 proven and legal ways to enjoy the features of a Grammarly premium account for free. Get right to trying one or more of these methods and improve the quality of your written content. What’s more, you get to greatly improve both your written and spoken English. It’s a win-win situation you don’t want to miss out on.

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