Best iOS Emulator for PC in 2023

by Sarah Cage

Best iOS Emulator for PC in 2023 - Almost everyone knows about iOS. Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad running oniOS. It is a very optimized operating system developed by Apple. If you are an apple lover, then you can use this operating system on your computer also. All you need to do is installiOS Emulator in your computer. In this article, we will discuss the bestiOS Emulators for PC.

Why Looking for the Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC 2023?

But, first, you must understand the meaning of Emulator. Emulators function is to emulate different operating system in your computer. It is the most unique software available in the market. If you are a gamer, then you run Play station or Xbox games on your computer. If you are a developer, then you can run your app on different operating systems. The emulator is beneficial for every type of people. Mobile Emulators can run mobile operating systems on the computer. The two most famous mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. The iOS operating system runs on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

List of Best iOS Emulators for PC in 2023

Thanks to iOS emulators, you can experience the Apples operating system on your PC. You don’t need to buy expensive Apple devices for testing iOS platform. If you want to test your apps on Apple devices, then the iOS emulator is perfect for you. Apple devices are very expensive. Thus, it is not a good idea to buy Apple devices just for testing purpose. If you justwant to experience the Apple operating system, then the emulator is perfect for you. You can easily transfer files using an emulator. If you are a normal user, then you can also experience the iOS interface via emulators.

It is difficult to find emulators for other platforms. But, you can easily find emulators for iOS platform. There are many iOS emulators available in the market for MAC or Windows PC. We have tried all these emulators on our computer. After testing these emulators we have created a list of best iOS emulators available for Mac and PC. We have also added a small review for every emulator. Hence, you can easily find the best emulator for you.

Smartface : Perfect iOS Emulator for PC Platform - Emulator Link

Smartface : PerfectiOS Emulator for PC Platform
Smartface : PerfectiOS Emulator for PC Platform

Smartface is a very versatile emulator. It is available on many devices like Mac and Windows PC. The unique thing about this emulator is that it is also supported on iOS devices. You can run this emulator on your Apple devices like iPads and iPhones. If you are using an Android phone, then you can install Smartface in it for the iOS experience. This feature is perfect for developers. You can test your application from any device you own. This function allows you to test your applications from your mobile devices. All you need to activate this emulator is to download it in your PC or Mac. After that run Smartface emulator on your computer. You will see “Run on device” option just click on it. Last, you need to scan the QR code from your mobile phone.

Smartface is the perfect emulator for developers and power users. It has many features available for developers like cross-platform testing. You can also adapt the resolution of the emulator to the iPhone or iPad size. There is a free version of this emulator available. But, it has very limited features. If you want the full version of this software, then you send a requesthere. Smartface will set the pricing according to your needs.

Xamarin TestFlight : Perfect iOS Emulator for Mac Platform - iOS Emulator Link

Xamarin TestFlight : Perfect iOS Emulator for Mac Platform
Xamarin TestFlight : Perfect iOS Emulator for Mac Platform

Xamarin Testflight is the official Apple beta tester tool for testing apps. This emulator is specifically designed for the Mac operating system. Developers can test their iOS applications on this emulator. But, Testflight only supports iOS 8.0 and above applications. This emulator is available only for iTunes user. You need to connect it with your iTunes account via iTunes Connect. iTunes Connect is a service started by Apple. It lets developer upload, manage and review their content.

If you want to test your application, then you first need to create an iTunes Connect account. After that, you can publish and recode your applications. Before publishing your app, you need to add the metadata in your account. If the data entered is according to Apple requirements, then you can beta test your apps.

It is difficult to set up this application for newbie users. Thus, this application is perfect for developers. More than 1000 users can test your application on this platform. Hence, you can improve your application in the beta phase.

This application is free for every user. You can download this application directly from theApple store.

AIR iPhone : Easy iOS Emulator for PC users - iOS Emulator

AIR iPhone : Easy iOS Emulator for PC users
AIR iPhone : Easy iOS Emulator for PC users

The first two tools were suitable for developers. If you are a normal user, then those tools are not made for you. AIR iPhone is the perfect iOS Emulator for casual use. If you want to try iPhone interface, then this emulator for you. You can also play iPhone games using this emulator. You can also test your applications on this emulator. But, this emulator doesn’t provide many features for developers. This emulator generates a replica of the iOS operating system. Thus, you can get the feel of the iPhone device on this emulator.

This emulator is not limited to casual users only. Developers can also use this emulator for testing their apps and games. AIR iPhone is very famous among casual users. You can get a feel of actual iPhone on this emulator. But, some built-in applications don’t work on this emulator. Also, the hardware replication is not perfect on this emulator. The developers of this software are updating this tool every month. The best thing about this emulator is that it is free to use. You will also receive monthly updates. You can download version 3.03 from the official website of AIR iPhone. If you want to download this emulator then click on thislink. – Versatile iOS Emulator made for both Mac and PC users - Emulator Link – Versatile iOS Emulator made for both Mac and PC users – Versatile iOS Emulator made for both Mac and PC users

Appetize has the best User interface in this list. Thus, it is user-friendly. You don’t even need to install their software in your PC. You can use the iOS emulator on your chrome or firefox browser. All you need to do is visit their official website. There is an iPhone emulator already coded on their website. Thus, you can use iPhone emulator installing no software. If you are a new PC user, then is perfect for you.

This platform is not limited to casual use only. If you are a developer, then you can test your application on this platform. First, you need to upload your app on this website. After that, you can access that app from the iPhone emulator provided in the browser. This process is very similar to streaming online videos. Thus, there are streaming limits which you can remove by purchasing plans.

The emulator is directly available on the browser. Hence, you can access the emulator from any Mac or PC. You can also use this emulator on your mobile device. If you are low on a budget, then you can use the free version of this app. You can use the emulator for 100 minutes per month. If you want to increase the streaming time, then you can purchase the paid version of the app. There are many paid plans available on thiswebsite.

iPadian - Emulator Link


iPadian is the most famous emulator in the market. If you want iPad experience, then iPadian is perfect for you. But, you can’t upload your own apps in this emulator. Thus, this emulator is not good for developers.

However, you can download any app from the App Store. There are many apps which you can download from the emulator library. These apps are not available on Apple iTunes Store app. But these apps are compatible with the iPadian emulator. Thus, you will get new apps every week. The user interface of iPadian is also very smooth. You won’t experience any lag while using this application. The installation process is easy. You can download the software from the official website and install it in your operating system. iPadian is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

There is no free version of the emulator. You need to pay $20 to use this emulator. If you want to try this emulator, then you can purchase it fromhere.

ElectricMobile Studio –perfect iOS Emulator made for PC users - Emulator Link

ElectricMobile Studio –perfect iOS Emulator made for PC users
ElectricMobile Studio –perfect iOS Emulator made for PC users

Electric Mobile Studio is another great iOS Emulator for PC. It is a great tool for developers. There are many features available on this emulator. There is an integrated WebKit debugging tool available for the developers. You can also integrate Visual Studio with this emulator. Hence, you can easily code directly on this emulator.

This emulator supports Visual Studio 2013, 2015 and 2012. First Electric Mobile Studio will search for these applications in your computer. If you have installed these applications in your PC, then it will automatically add it in the UI. You can directly test your applications on iPhone and iPad resolutions.

If you have tried Chrome Webkit, then integrated WebKit debugging tool is perfect for you. It allows you to debug your code by running it on different aspect levels.

You can use Electric Mobile Studio to run iOS on your computer. It is perfect for developers because you can change the resolution of the emulator. Hence, you can test your application on all the platforms. You can get a free 7 day trial of this software. After that, you need to pay $39.99 for the full purchase. If you want to purchase or try this software, then you can download it fromhere.

Ripple : iPhone and iOS Emulator for Mac users - Emulator Link

Ripple : iPhone and iOS Emulator for Mac users
Ripple : iPhone and iOS Emulator for Mac users

Ripple is perfect for Mac and Windows users. But, this emulator installation process differs from other emulators. You can’t download this emulator or run it in your browser. You need to install their chrome extension from the Chrome store. Thus, you can run this emulator directly on your chrome browser.

Ripple is a very lightweight extension. It only needs 4.5MB of your hard disk space. This extension works with HTML5. Hence, you can do both testing and application development in this emulator. This emulator is perfect for those developers who use tools like PhoneGap and Webworks. Ripple iOS emulator offers various features like:

• Automatic Testing System

• Screen dimension variation

• Adaptability

• Multiple devices available for emulation

• Javascript enabled. Thus, you can directly change your code without restarting the app or emulator.

Ripple can support a wide range of old and new applications. But, it has received no update since 2013. The developers of Ripple have abandoned the project. After some time this emulator will become useless because it won’t support new iOS systems.

It is available for free. All you need to do is install the Chrome browser in your PC or Mac. After that, you can download the extension from this link.

Remoted iOS Simulator : iPhone and iOS Emulator - Emulator Link

Remoted iOS Simulator : iPhone and iOS Emulator
Remoted iOS Simulator : iPhone and iOS Emulator

You can run this iOS emulator on your PC. This emulator made for developers only who want to test their applications. This emulator is perfect for developers. But, the setup process is quite a complication. Your computer must fulfill these requirements:

• Your computer must run on Microsoft Windows.

• You must have Visual Studio 2023 or 2017 installed on your computer.

• A Mac built host (you must have a computer running on Mac OSx).

Perform various steps to install this emulator. After that, you will realize the true potential of this emulator. You can use libraries and tools from the Visual code Studio. You can directly see the results in the iOS emulator. There are various iOS functions which you can translate to your PC. Some of these functions are shaking, rotation, screenshot, lock screen and location service.

This iOS emulator is also compatible with touch devices. You can use it on new Windows laptops which have a touch screen enabled. First, download Visual Studio 2023 or 2017 in your PC. After that, you can install the Remote iOS simulator in your computer. If you want to download this emulator, then click on this link.

· Pros

- Intuitive UI

- Ideal for testing iOS apps

· Cons

- Limited features and ability

Remoted iOS Simulator is a simulator that is developed by Xamarin. The emulator works the same way as Xamarin Testflight or Xamarin Emulator itself.

It is a watered-down Xamarin Emulator. This emulator is suitable for users who do not have enough technical ability on how to successfully operate the Xamarin Emulator.
Remoted iOS simulator has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate. It also provides users the ability to debug an app using the Visual Studio on windows computer.

The Visual Studio makes it easy to solve the bugs you discover in your app by pointing you to the exact problem your app is experiencing. The emulator also has some features like shake gestures, screenshot option, home button and lots more.

It is available on windows and you can download it HERE

iMAME - Emulator Link



- Best for playing games


- Supports cheats in games

- Supports over 8000 ROMs

iMame is a product of MAME. The goal of MAME is to ensure that vintage games are not forgotten. This is evident in what the emulator can do.

The emulator serves as a means of preserving gaming history. Because of this, you can only use it to play arcade games only. It recreates the hardware of arcade games in PCs. The emulator is always receiving new updates from its developers.

iMame was not meant as an iOS emulator. The emulator comes in two versions. There is one that supports only iOS apps and one that supports Android apps. There are lots of arcade games you can play using iMame. The latest versions of the emulator allow you to play arcade games made for iOS 10 devices.

There are varieties of ROMs you can start playing as soon as you download the emulator. The list of these games is on the official website of the developers.

Note: there are reviews that the emulator is not so good. While you can check out other emulators on the list, iMame is still worth checking out.

The software is available for PCs running Windows, macOS, Linux, Amiga, etc. You can download the app from the official website of the developers.

MobiOne Studios - Emulator Link

MobiOne Studios
MobiOne Studios


- Renders high-quality graphics

- Ideal for cross-platform app testing

- Runs on low-end PCs


- No new updates

MobiOne Studios is one of the best iOS emulators out there. You can also use it as a visual designer. It emulates iPhones well without tasking your computer too much. The fact that the emulator can run well on low-end PCs makes it popular among start-up app developers.

The emulator is ideal for developing and designing apps that can run on both iOS and Android devices. There are impressive pre-installed templates that come with the software. These templates make developing iOS and Android apps easy and fast.

MobiOne is one of the few software that offers realistic iPhone experience. You can play iOS games without lags and also customize your app’s icons. In fact, users rate it as one of the best emulators for gaming. It has functions and features that allow users to use the iPhone notification system.

The emulator is no longer receiving new updates i.e. discontinued but it still works if you download it. There is no official link or website to download the emulator but you can download the software HERE - Emulator Link

· Pros

- User-friendly interface

- Allows syncing

· Cons

- You have to pay for the software

One of the best emulators for PC, it is professional software that works online. This implies that it is a web-based emulator. It functions as a cross-platform app tester. You can use it to test games or apps for both iOS and Android.

App .io provides an environment where you can test your app thoroughly. It allows you to interact and enhance the app as you see fit.

Although the emulator is good and even runs without using too much computer resources, it can be very slow at times. Also, regardless of how fast and stable your internet connection is, uploading an app on the emulator still takes some time.

There is a feature that allows users to sync iOS apps with the emulator itself.

It is the best alternative to appetize .io. In fact, it is currently ranked one of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC.

Note: App .io is a paid emulator. There is a 7- days free trial for users to test what they are paying for. The emulator is available for Windows PC and Mac.

Download Link: HERE

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator - Emulator Link

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator
Nintendo 3Ds Emulator

· Pros

- Best iOS gaming emulator

- Recommended by iOS device users

As the name implies, it is only for running iOS games on PC. It allows users to run 3D iOS games on their computer. You can also load 2D games on the emulator without stress.

Nintendo 3D emulator bests other emulators in the market hands down and is quitepopular among gamers as the ideal gaming emulator.

What makes it the ideal gaming emulator is that it can run almost all iPhone games with ease.

It is one of the oldest emulators and is highly recommended by iOS users. The emulator provides a smooth gaming experience and runs without lags.

The emulator is available for Windows and Mac PCs.

Download Link: HERE

iPhone and iPad Simulator - Emulator Link

iPhone and iPad Simulator
iPhone and iPad Simulator

· Pros

- Perfect rendering of the iPhone device

- Smooth and lag-free interactions

- Excellent graphics quality

· Cons

- Cannot access App Store

This is another simulator that allows users to run iOS apps on their PC. Unlike other software in this list, this software is a simulator.

As a simulator, it clones your windows computer into a virtual iPhone device. As soon as you launch the software, all your computer’s screen will be a virtual iPhone. Device. One of the impressive things about the simulator is that it replicates an iPhone with superb graphics quality.

The simulator also clones your computer to display the system apps of an iPhone device – clock, calculator, etc.

The simulator is especially excellent for gaming. Users can run iPhone games on their computer and play it without experience lags.

There is another software like the iPhone simulator called “iPad simulator”.

The iPad simulator is not standalone software. It is a plug-in that works only on Google Chrome. It works just like the iPhone simulator except that it creates a virtual iPad environment for users to interact with. This simulator makes your computer work like an iPad. It works by cloning your PC to look like an iPad.

The iPad simulator is an official extension plug-in from Apple. This means it comes with a lot of features and is a quality plug-in. One of the best thing about iPad Simulator is that it replicates everything in an iPad including Siri – the voiced AI in apple devices. The addition of Siri means users can also access iCloud and store their information. For users who actuallyown an iPhone, they can easily sync information on their iPhone to their computer with ease. It is available for Google Chrome browser although there are reports it would no longer be available for download. It is worth checking out on the Google Chrome store.

Note: Although the iPhone simulator clones your computer to do everything an iPhone, You cannot use it to download apps or games from the App Store. To download apps, the best you can do is log in to your iTunes account, download the app or game you want. Then after the installation is complete, you can send to your device.

There are other websites – legal ones -where you can download iPhone games. This is especially good for users who do not own an iPhone device.

Download Link: HERE

Xamarin - iOS Emulator


· Pros

- Ideal for developing apps

· Cons

- Premium in-app purchases

Xamarin emulator should not be confused with another emulator named Xamarin Testflight emulator. While they both serve identical functions, there are a few differences between the two.

Xamarin is also created by Apple Inc. which means it is an official emulator. It allows users to emulate iOS on their PC. It is only for app developers. They use it to test their app’s functionality. The app is for professionals and is primarily used for testing apps.

The emulator also has the ability to run some basic apple apps; for example. iMessage. The emulator also comes with features that allow users to debug iOS apps. The emulator comes with some premium features that users have to purchase in- app.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. You can download the emulator HERE.

iDOS Emulator - IOS Emulator Link

iDOS     Emulator
iDOS Emulator

· Pros

- Easy to use UI

- Realistic iOS gaming experience

· Cons

- Discontinued software

The penultimate emulator in this list is the “ iDOS emulator”. It gives you a realistic iOS experience on your PC. It is one of the few emulators that provide realistic iOS interface.

You can also use the iDOS emulator to play iOS games. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate.

You should know that the emulator is no longer receiving updates from its developer. This does not affect its usage in any way. It still works if you download it. it has received great feedback from people who have tested or used it at one point or the other and it is highly recommended.

You can download it HERE

Conclusion on Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 PC in 2023

There are various iOS emulators available in the market. You can try out these emulators and find the perfect one for you. The best iOS emulator will depend on your needs. Do you want an emulator accessible from your browser? You want to get a paid emulator or you want to use a free one? Are you a casual user? Do you need an emulator for testing your apps?

You can find emulator according to your needs.

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