Driver Booster Review – Why is it Rated #1 Everywhere?

by Sarah Cage

Nowadays, technology has taken over the vast majority of tasks performed with human effort. As days go by, the world continues to witness unprecedented acceptance of diverse technological inventions. One of the amazing inventions in the tech world is the computer. Today, the vast majority of world inhabitants, both educated and uneducated, uses computers for different purposes.

With a computer, you can carry out simple mathematical tasks, surf the web, listen to music, watch movies, and use the device for other tasks. The computer performs these functions through installed drivers. While you use these drivers on your computer, it is important to get the best driver updater software to improve its working efficiency. For this purpose, you can use the Driver Booster updater software. The updater software is accurate, powerful, and straightforward to use. The importance of the Driver Booster updater software necessitates the need to discuss all the information you need to know about it. With that said, today, I will be telling you the features, pros and cons, and the cost of this amazing driver updater.

An Overview of the Amazing Driver Updater

Drivers are fantastic tools designed to act as the major communicators between the computer's operating system software and hardware. It is highly important that you have functioning, proper, and latest drivers on your PC to ensure its smooth and efficient operations. Computers that operate on Windows OS automatically check and perform updates through its built-in Windows updates feature. However, the vast majority of Windows PC users turn-off the windows update's auto-update feature on their PC. If you are in this category, you will need excellent driver updater software that can check and update the outdated and problematic drivers on your PC.

AnOverview of the Amazing Driver Updater
An Overview of the Amazing Driver Updater

Driver Booster is an amazing Driver Updater software designed to make the PC run effectively. Iobit produces a fantastic tool. Iobit is a company founded to design and develop tons of excellent computer tools. To date, one of the best device updates available for use on the Windows PC is Driver Booster. The question about why the driver updater is rated number one will be answered in this review.

What does Driver Booster mean?

Driver Booster is an amazing driver updater software designed and developed for Windows computer users. The software was developed and launched by Iobit. The reputable company has got impressive records of providing performance enhancement, PC optimization, and excellent security protection tools. The Driver Booster software has an amazing success story in the Iobit's company. The Driver Booster has both the free and subscribed version. The Driver Booster Pro is the subscribed version.

Whatdoes Driver Booster mean?
What does Driver Booster mean?

One of the amazing facts about the Driver Booster software is that it works perfectly on all versions of the Windows operating system. The software promptly checks the defective and non-functioning drivers on the PC and updates them for proper functionalities. The Driver Booster software also scans the PC drivers and fix all driver-related issues on the PC. Currently, Driver Booster has more than 3 million drivers in its database. Examples of the device drivers available on Driver Booster include those from NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and many other minor providers. Hence, Driver Booster is an amazing driver updater tool you can use on your Windows PC.

Specification of Driver Booster

Vendor IObit
The newest version Driver Booster V 7.5.0
Operating systems It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
Install file size It has a 20.6 MB installer file size.
Menu languages It presents the menu instructions in 48 languages.
Driver database It has about 3 000 000 drivers in its database.
Extra features It has a one-click update, game boost, and feedback channel.
Pricing - free version The free version is called the Driver Booster 7 Pro trial version.
Pricing - Pro version Users can pay 20.98 USD for Driver Booster 7 Pro for a year subscription. It can work on the three PCs simultaneously.

Features of Driver Booster

Featuresof Driver Booster
Features of Driver Booster

Driver Booster is an excellent driver updater that has tons of jaw-dropping features. These features thrill its users and also motivate them to spend their dollars by migrating from the free to the subscribed version. In this section, I will be telling you the features of the fantastic driver updater called Driver Booster.

1. Installation


The installation of the Driver Booster software is simple and straightforward. You can get it downloaded from the publisher's website. The file size is 19 MB. The download of the Driver Booster tool is free of cost and secured. To install the software on your PC, you will be presented with an option to choose your preferred language. It also pops-up a reddish-colored installed button and another small button for custom install purposes. When installing the software, it is advisable to choose the custom install option. To do this, choose a path, then set up a desktop icon. Next, pin the software icon to the taskbar. You can also install or skip additional tools. You can commence the installation process as soon as you want. The installation time of the Driver Booster software takes just 35 seconds on the PC and about two minutes on the laptop. Once the installation is successful, you can start scanning and fixing all defective and problematic drivers on your PC without any hassle.

2. Diagnosis and Scan

The scanning and diagnosing of drivers by Driver Booster in the Windows PC are easy, quicker, and straightforward. When you complete the installation of Driver Booster, and you don't hit the scan icon, the software will automatically start the diagnostic process within five seconds. On the Driver Booster software's dark-grey interface, you will see the main screen that pops up with a large scan and stop icon at the center. The Driver Booster software completes your PC's scanning within 30 seconds while it runs full scanning of your laptop within 2 minutes 30 seconds. While running the scan, Driver Booster detects all outdated drivers and fixes them for proper functioning. The software displays detailed information about each driver updated on the PC. The information supplied includes the name, date and publisher, current version, and category. It also displays information about new versions available with the release date and their publisher. Users of the PC can decide to ignore it, update, or uninstall the software. If you choose to update the driver, you can do that with a single click.

3. Repair

The repair functionality of the Driver Booster software is straightforward to use. You can run scans and check the results within a few minutes. Once the scan is completed, you can update the outdated drivers by clicking on the Update icon. However, you must check if you have a security program that can come in conflict with the update. You must also ensure that you have stable and reliable internet services. When you complete the update, you may need to reboot your PC to complete the update. Once you reboot your PC and it loads to Windows, you can start enjoying the services of the updated drivers.

4. Extra Features of Driver Booster

The extra features of the Driver Booster tool are discussed in the table below.

Feature Functions
System optimize It can scan the PC for junk files, system issues, and registry.
Game boost It helps in configuring software or apps processes on the PC not to interrupt your gaming session.
IObit Malware Fighter It offers maximum protection against ransomware, malware, spyware, and many more.
Smart Defrag It offers excellent optimization, disk fragmentation, and quicker boot time.
Dashlane The dashlane feature helps in managing passwords.
Tools It has tools that fix errors like bad resolution, loss of sound, network failure, and many more.

Price and Availability

Priceand Availability
Price and Availability

Driver Booster is a fantastic software that offers free and subscribed services to its users. The subscribed version of the software is called Driver Booster PRO. This version costs about $22.95 per year. You can use each subscription license on three computers. The PRO version of Driver Booster comes with tons of additional features that are not accessible in its free version. Nevertheless, if you are not interested in spending your dollar on this tool, you can use the free version. Both the free and subscribed versions work perfectly on all versions of the Windows operating system. You can use it on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. It supports both the 32 and 64-Bit versions of the Windows OS.

Priceand Availability
Price and Availability

Summary of Driver Booster Review - Why is it Rated Top Everywhere?

Summary of Driver Booster Review - Why is it Rated Top Everywhere?
Summary of Driver Booster Review - Why is it Rated Top Everywhere?

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Driver Booster software

Pros Cons
It performs automatic driver checks. It does not support Linux, Mac, and Android devices.
It has an automatic shut down or reboot option. Its translation to other languages is partial.
Users can download and update drivers with a single click. Users may have to perform individual updates.
It offers backups for updated drivers. It does not give notice about missing drivers.
It has WHQL compliance for updated drivers.
It works perfectly with all versions of the Windows OS.


Driver Booster is an amazing tool developed by IObit. The device is designed for Windows OS alone. With this driver updater, you can update and repair all problematic or outdated drivers on your PC. Today, I have given a full review of the fantastic driver updater tool. Please read and share with all Windows PC users.

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