Free sites to watch Hindi movies online Legally in 2023

by Sarah Cage

The popularity of Bollywood movies is not only among people in the country but also all over the world. It is the only entertainment industry with the highest number of releases per year and a big percentage of them are top hits. So it is not too surprising to see people watching them online especially since there are not so many theatres that premier Hindi movies across the world. However, most of the sources people stream from are not legal but pirated movies and torrents.

Downloading pirated content or torrents, though it seems very easy, comes with several risks. Apart from attracting penalties from the government if torrents are banned in your country, it also exposes you to malware attacks. This is because a lot of these streaming websites are accessible to hackers. This is why it is important to know the top sites where you can stream or download Bollywood movies legally and without risks in 2023.

Best List of Free sites to watch Hindi movies online Legally in 2023

Here are the top 10 sites you can watch Hindi movies online from.

1. Hotstar - Site Link


Hotstar is one of the best websites for downloading Bollywood movies and series. Both recently released movies and old Bollywood movies are available on the website. Another good thing about watching content on Hotstar is that it is mobile friendly. This means you can use mobile applications to watch the movies on your smartphone i.e. both iOS and Android devices.

The website is free to access but to watch premium movies and latest episodes of some TV series, you have subscribed to Hotstar VIP. Hotstar Sports and a host of other premium packages.

The website does not only provide movies and shows in the Hindi language, but there are also movies with Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and a host of other languages. It is a reliable website and receives daily movie updates.

The only drawback of the website is the poor Support care service.

2. Voot- Site Link

Free sites to watch Hindi movies online Legally in 2023: Voot
Free sites to watch Hindi movies online Legally in 2023: Voot

Voot is one of the most highly rated streaming sites because of its intuitive interface and variety of content available to users. Every TV series or movie on the site or the mobile app has real copyright.

Voot also provides other movies from other entertainment industries. In other words, you can watch movies with languages such as Tamil, Kannad, English among others.

The site has tons of genres and movies are listed in different categories which you can choose from based on what you want. Movies on the site are available in High Definition quality and you even get the option to choose the language you want your subtitle to be in.

It does not have any subscription plan. All you have to do to enjoy Voot is create an account on the website or app.

The major drawback of using this site is you have to put up with ads. Voot places ads in-between movies which can ruin the continuity of the movie.

3. Yo movies - Site Link

Yo movies
Yo movies

If there is another site better than Hotstar and Voot, without any second thoughts it is Yo Movies. It has an incredibly stunning interface and the movie database is constantly updated. It has specific categories for Bollywood movies and TV shows so that you can easily navigate to the category you prefer. On the homepage, you will also find Top IMDB movies as well as trending movies.

There are tons of movies and TV shows that are not from Bollywood but Hollywood on the site. You can choose to download or stream whatever content on Yo Movies for free and without sign up.

Streaming on the website is pretty easy and smooth. Multiple servers prevent video buffering or lags. All you have to do is select a new server if your current stream is lagging.

Ads are constant issues on the site but the simple and organized user interface, as well as HD quality movies, make it worth a trial.

Netflix needs no introduction. I mean, the chances that you have not seen a Netflix movie or show is very slim.

Netflix is one of the most-watched streaming sites in the world. Its mobile steaming application is also widely used among mobile streamers. It does not only provide Hollywood and Bollywood content, but Netflix also produces its content. There are tons of Hit Netflix original movies and TV shows.

The streaming service is easy to access by new users for a month. After the free trial period, you have to subscribe to continue enjoying the service. It is one of the most legal streaming sites you can access and has different content to make you coming back for more.

However, before you can watch movies or TV shows on the site or app, you need to sign up using your mail and billing address. As you would expect, the movie quality is superb and you can stream in 1080p high definition resolution. Netflix has proper copyright for any movie you find on the site and completely free of malware.

The site supports multiple languages so you do not have to worry about the language barrier. The streaming speed is also exceptional.

5. SonyLiv - Site Link


As the name implies, SonyLiv is a streaming service owned by Sony. It is not a regular streaming site where you find different movies from which you can choose the title you want to watch. SonyLiv instead provides Indian TV channels that show the movies. These channels show free and premium movies that you can watch depending on the type of account you run.

To watch premium movies or increase your chance of seeing a newly released Bollywood movie, subscribing to the streaming site is a must. Premium channels you can only watch if you are a subscriber have "premium" labels. Also, you get to watch Sports channels if you subscribe to the SonyLiv premium package.

One of the best talking points about SonyLiv is that you do not have to signup to access the free channels. Signup is only required for premium content and for 499 rupees (Rs 499) you get to enjoy Bollywood movies for a year.

6. Amazon Prime Video - Site Link

AmazonPrime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Another popular name on this list is Amazon Prime Video. This is another highly rated legal streaming site owned by the Amazon Company. As you would expect from a site owned by Amazon, the streaming speed and video quality is top-notch.

It is very similar to Netflix and works the same way. You can stream Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime straight from a laptop or your smartphone or tablet only after paying for Prime Membership.

Amazon prime video is the best alternative to Netflix as it is cheaper and offers the same content. The most important benefit of subscribing and getting Prime Membership is that you get free extra-fast delivery when you purchase items on the Amazon store. You also get Prime Music as an add-on bonus.

7. YouTube

Although YouTube is not your typical movie streaming sites, there are still channels that allow you to watch Bollywood movies for free. You should note that a big percentage of these channels upload illegal or pirated Hindi movies. However, there are still plenty of channels that let you stream copyrighted Hindi movies for free. Two of them are listed below:

Rajshiri: This is a Bollywood production company and has produced several hits and even superhot movies. For example Hum Saath Saath Hain. Most of the movies on this channel are Hindi films produced by the company. Best music videos and movie scenes from hit Bollywood movies are also available on the site.

Shemaroo Movies: Shemaroo Movies is also a legal Youtube channel where you get to stream legal Hindi movies for free.

8. Airtel Xtream - Site Link

Airtel Xtream

Indian Telecom giants, Airtel, offers Indians free three months Netflix viewing and 1 month Amazon Prime membership via the "Airtel Thanks Initiative".

Airtel also has a digital streaming service called "Airtel Xstream" which you can access using any cellular service provider. It offers free movies which are of course limited. To get more movies and shows, you have an option to purchase the Airtel Xstream Premium package. There is a mobile app that you can also choose to stream movies from.

9. Bigflix - Site Link


This is another streaming service owned by a reputable brand. Bigflix is Reliance BIG Entertainment's on-demand movie streaming service. It allows you to stream Hindi movies legally.

It operates using the same ideology as Netflix in that it allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free for a month. After one month, you have to make monthly subscriptions to continue using the site. You can also choose to only pay for movies one at a time.

There are tons of Bollywood regional movies apart from Hindi movies such as Marathi movies, Tamil movies, among others. You can access BigFlix from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Buying a premium subscription allows you to have ad-free High-quality movies.

10. Zee5 - Site Link


Zee5 is a streaming site that offers a wide range of content from Hollywood, Bollywood and other top movie industries. Video quality on the site is very good and the streaming speed, although fast, relies on your internet connection.

It has a free section where you can stream movies and TV shows without even signing up. Hindi movies are only one of the several movies you will find on the site. Movies in other Indian languages such as Bangla, Tamil, Telugu are available on the site.

To watch the premium content on the site, you have to create a premium account by signing up.

It does not have mobile applications but the website is user-friendly.

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