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by Sarah Cage

It is abbreviated as Frame Per Second. The more noteworthy the FPS, the video movement will show up even smoother. The FPS limit for a full-movement video is 30 FPS or more noteworthy. For every video quality, there are diverse FPS rates.

Games depend on FPS (Frames-per-Second) to run easily on your PC. If you are willing to check the FPS rate that you have been getting, what would you do? You got it correctly, that is when an FPS Counter will come in handy. In this guide, we are going to tell you about some of the best FPS Counters for your Windows PC!

What is an FPS Counter?

An FPS Counter is a way of calculating the FPS you are getting continuously. It shows the Frame Rate on your screen in an area based on your personal preference. This assists with thinking about the presentation of a PC. It will permit you to improve the performance, so you'll be able to experience an improved gaming experience.

How to Calculate the FPS?

The abilities of your PC's equipment choose the general exhibition of any game you attempt to run. What's more, you can assess the exhibition by checking FPS. The core meaning behind this term is the frames that are produced by your computer in one second.

The FPS is directly proportional to the smooth gameplay experience. In case you are getting an FPS that is lower, for example, under 30 FPS, your game will slack a ton. In this way, you can undoubtedly upgrade the presentation by rating FPS with a superior design card or by diminishing the in-game graphical settings.

7 Best FPS Counters for Windows

As discussed earlier, an FPS Counter will help you in monitoring and evaluating the frames offered by your screen per second. As promised, we have brought to you some of the best FPS Counters that you need to have for your PC if you want to calculate the FPS!

The list begins here:

1. GeForce Exhibition - Link

If you have a personal computer that has an NVIDIA GeForce designs card, you can utilize the GeForce Experience instrument to check FPS. It is extra programming by NVIDIA to streamline games. Alongside estimating FPS, it is likewise ready to enhance games, illustrations, record interactivity, add additional channels to games for immersion, and even update GeForce drivers.

It is free of cost driver; you don't need to pay for this tool since you only need to have the NVIDIA GeForce designs card.

2. Razer Cortex - Link

Razer Cortex is an allowed to-utilize game promoter that improves the presentation for the games you get to launch through it. It consequently shuts the superfluous foundation cycles to free up as much RAM as possible. Thus, the game runs easily. This apparatus likewise has an FPS counter and edge rate sponsor worked in.

You can utilize the FPS calculator to check FPS criticism right away. It even shows an FPS graph in any event, when you have quit playing. The graph permits you to see the greatest, least, and normal casing rate to figure the general activity performance.

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3. Steam's in-game FPS Counter - Link

If the scenario is that you are playing a game utilizing Steam, an FPS Counter is already provided in its launcher. It tallies the casing rate while you continue to play your favorite games or videos to quantify the exhibition. You can utilize it as opposed to introducing any extra programming. To turn this component on, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • If a game stops running, rush to the Steam.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Afterward, click on 'In-Game.'
  • Next, click on the option representing the In-Game FPS Counter, and from the drop-down menu, select a location to turn it on.
  • Likewise, check the 'High Contrast Colors' container so the digits are more obvious.
  • This way, at whatever point you'll start playing a game, an FPS Counter will always be displayed on your screen, giving you a brief demonstration of the FPS.

4. FPS Monitor - Link

It's a product devoted to estimating FPS and analyze the equipment of a personal computer while you are busy in gameplay. It traces your PC's equipment state and shows the data as an overlay in-game. It encourages you to dispose of depending on other work area or show to assess the exhibition.

It is a unique technology to look at practically all equipment that influences the gaming experience. You can utilize the free demo given to them to know if this tool meets their expectations. At that point, you can purchase the permit for just $9.95.

FPS Monitor is utilized to trace and track your PC's equipment state and shows this data as an in-game layout.

You no longer need to change to work area or connect a subsequent presentation to control your equipment status. FPS Monitor will be displaying all of the important in-game data.

The overlay setup is also quite flexible and interesting in FPS Monitor. You can design the textual style, size, style, hues, and other delivering choices for every sensor esteem. You can kill any sensor on or. As such, you're ready to make your overlay that won't meddle with your gameplay.

5. Fraps - Link

This one is presumably the most well-known checker that is available when it comes to the FPS Counter for Windows. It is fundamentally a product for catching game screen captures and recording ongoing interaction. However, they likewise have a benchmarking highlight that permits you to add an FPS Counter to DirectX or OpenGL games. You can use it to realize the edge rate while messing around.

Fraps arrive in both free, and purchasable form that cost just an amount of $37. If you just need to utilize it to check FPS, the free forms are sufficient for you. The most amazing part about Fraps is that it bolsters all Windows adaptations, from XP to Windows 10.

As a benchmarking software, it shows the number of Frames Per Second (FPS) that are accessible to you on the side of your personal computer screen. Spare the measurements out to plate and use them for your audits and applications.

6. Bandicam Screen Recorder + FPS Counter - Link

It is considered to be the most famous screen recording programming for Windows. This product likewise has an FPS Counter device worked in. You can utilize it to see FPS progressively while messing around. You have to change to the exceptional game account mode to do that.

Two modes are provided by the frame rate counter:

  • Non-Recording Mode

When the tool is in the non-recording mode, it is displayed green in color.

  • Recording Mode

When the tool is in the recording mode, it is displayed red.

If you are willing to increase the FPS, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Upgrade the Hardware

FPS is firmly identified with the presentation of a framework. If the exhibition of the PC isn't adequate, the PC will back off and you won't get enough FPS. Similarly, if you update your graphics card, CPU, and RAM, you will show signs of improvement in the FPS.

  • Upgrade the Graphics Card Driver

In case the graphics card driver of your computer isn't introduced appropriately, you won't have the option to get a high FPS. To expand the FPS, check your graphics card show and download the most recent designs, card drivers from the card maker's site.

  • Select 60 FPS, 120 FPS or 480 FPS

When you change the FPS (Frames Per Second) worth to 60/120/480, you will get a 60/120/480 FPS video on the off chance that you have an advanced PC that can deal with this higher FPS. Notwithstanding, if the presentation of the PC isn't sufficient, the PC will back off or there will be a skipping marvel. On the off chance that you can't get 60/120/480 FPS, it would be ideal if you set the FPS to the default esteem (30).

7. Radeon Pro - Link

In case your PC is running an AMD design card, at that point, you can utilize Radeon Pro to quantify FPS. It is what might be compared to GeForce Experience for AMD clients. It is additionally a device to enhance game designs and casing rates. Furthermore, it additionally underpins catching screen captures, recording interactivity, and post-preparing impacts.

You can empower Radeon Pro's casings per-second counter by picking the FPS Counter tab on the settings window. From that point, you can arrange the component and modify its hotkeys.


Best FPS Counter for Windows
Best FPS Counter for Windows

Our main purpose behind preparing this guide for you is to give you a better insight into the matter of FPS and its calculating process. We also mentioned the 7 best FPS counters for your Windows PC.

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and family !

Thank you! Happy gaming!

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