10 Best Free Firewalls for Windows 10 PC of 2023

by Sarah Cage

10 Best Free Firewalls for Windows 10 PC of 2023 - Firewalls are very important for any Windows computer. It protects your computer from hackers.

Reason for Best Free Firewalls for Windows PC?

Windows already provides an in-built firewall to its users. But still it is not enough to protect your computer. There are many third-party firewalls which can protect your Windows computer.

Most people already know about the firewall. In simple words, a firewall is a program that will protect your computer from unauthorized access. It is an additional layer of security that will protect your computer.

Many hackers try to get unauthorized access to your computer. Thus, a firewall will protect your PC from these hackers. Firewall can be software or hardware. If it is a hardware firewall, then it will protect extra protection to your computer. The best thing about the hardware firewall is that you will get extra security.

Firewalls protect your computer from internet hackers. Thanks to firewalls, most of the private networks are safe. As we have already discussed, Windows comes with an in-built firewall. There are various other firewalls which you can use to protect your computer. If you want additional security, then you can also install a hardware firewall on your computer.

List of Best Free Firewalls for Windows 10 PC of 2023

Here come the 2023 best list of free firewalls to protect your Windows 10 OS on PC. Feel free to pick one of choice.

ZoneAlarm - Free Firewall Link


ZoneAlarm is definitely the best Windows 10 Firewall. It is also the most famous firewall in the market. Almost everyone knows about it. It has many advanced features to protect your computer. Thus, most people prefer using ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm is also one of the oldest firewalls in the market. It has many advanced users which are not present in the stock firewall. If you want to protect your computer from unauthorized access, then ZoneAlarm is perfect for you. Some of the advanced features of ZoneAlarm are:

• It can hide all the open ports.

• The firewall will look for malicious traffic. It will also block malicious traffic.

• It can also disable programs that are not trustworthy.

The best thing about this firewall is that it is for free. These are some of the best features in the ZoneAlarm firewall. The firewall will already connect your PC to the DefenseNet. Thus, it will provide real-time security monitoring to your computer.

ZoneAlarm Firewall can also protect your computer if you connect it with a Wi-Fi Network. We have used all the firewalls on this list. According to us, the ZoneAlarm Firewall is the best firewall on this list. You will not face any issues while using this software.

PeerBlock - Firewall Link


File sharing has become an important part of our life. We share files with everyone around us. If you are sending a file over the internet, then there is always some risk associated with it. Someone can send a Keylogger in your computer. Hence, your whole computer can get hacked. If you are sharing your files with some stranger, then you are risking your computer security. There are many remote control tools in the market that can hack your computer.

If you share your files every day, then you should worry about your PC safety. PeerBlock is another free firewall available for Windows computer. It is mainly focusing on users that share their data or files with other people.

The primary aim of PeerBlock firewall is to protect your computer from unauthorized traffic. If there are any suspicious IP addresses, then they will get banned. There are many unique features in PeerBlock like:

• PeerBlock is for free.

• You don’t need an advanced computer to run PeerBlock.

• It will block all the unwanted traffic from your network. You can also block specific IP addresses from your network.

The best thing about PeerBlock is that it focuses on a certain area of security. It won’t protect your computer from all the security threats. But, it will definitely protect your computer from PeerBlock. You can use it with other firewalls. Also, it will use very fewer resources. Thus, your PC will run more effectively.

It is very easy to set up this firewall. Once you have installed the software, it will ask you to block specific IP addresses or websites. PeerBlock will automatically update this list every day. Thus, your PC will be secure from unauthorized traffic.

Comodo Free Firewall - Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall
Comodo Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall is another very famous firewall available in the market. It is famous because of the smart implementation feature. Comodo Free Firewall also comes with an additional browser in the installation package. Thus, you can also use their browser as a choice.

This firewall will provide you safe browsing experience. If you are an internet addict, then this firewall is perfect for you. You will get both a firewall and browser in the installation package. Thus, you can safely surf the internet. The internet is full of virus and hackers. Hence, it is important to protect yourself while surfing the internet. The best features of this firewall are:

• You can create a sandbox version of both the firewall and browser.

• You can add different programs in a sandbox to increase the security level of your PC.

• You can easily control the permissions in this firewall.

• Comodo Free firewall has a smart implementation. Thus, it is very easy to use. You can also create a sandbox version of browser and firewall. The sandbox environment will protect your computer from unauthorized access. It is very easy to handle this firewall. Also, it won’t take much of your computer resources.

Comodo Free Firewall also has a website filter included in the software. It will block suspicious websites from your computer. It will also check your programs for suspicious activities.

TinyWall - Firewall Link


TinyWall is the most efficient Firewall in this list. It differs from other firewalls in this list. TinyWall is not a complete firewall. It works with the default firewall to increase the security of your computer. Thus, it won’t annoy you with pop-ups. It will work silently in the background.

You might wonder why it works with the default firewall. Windows firewall provides a good level of security to your computer. But, it lacks many advanced options and features. Thus, TinyWall will provide you with all the advanced features. Windows firewall will work more efficiently after installing TinyWall on your computer. Some of the best features of TinyWall are:

• You can blacklist or whitelist many websites and IP addresses.

• TinyWall won’t annoy with unnecessary pop-ups.

• You can use the hotkeys to perform most of the actions.

TinyWall is the simplest firewall in this list. It won’t consume your computer resources. Its task is just to improve the default firewall in the computer. Thus, it is very light software. Your Windows firewall will become capable enough to protect your computer.

As we have already discussed before, this software is not a complete firewall. Thus, the resource requirement and overall size are low for this software. You can run it on any computer.

OpenDNS - Firewall Link


Open DNS is not actual firewall software. Instead, it is an easy method to change how your router handles outgoing and incoming data. You can increase your network security by doing some changes in your router.

After doing these changes, your router will connect to the internet by using the Open DNS settings rather than the actual settings. Thus, you can change the settings of all the devices by doing a small change.

• You can easily change the Open DNS settings.

• All you need to do is apply some small changes. After that, all the devices will follow the same settings.

• It will automatically block all suspicious websites and content.

• There are many filter options available in Open DNS.

You might think that it is difficult to use Open DNS. But, Open DNS can you give the enormous control on the internet. You can define how your devices will behave when you connect them with the internet. It is a very simple change. Once you have changed the settings, you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, you need not download anything to access Open DNS.

GlassWire - Firewall Link


GlassWire is new firewall software. It is always good to have more firewall software. Glassware advertises them as a simple network monitoring software. But, there are many advanced functions in this software.

You can manually block the outgoing or incoming traffic from your network. If you are suspicious about any IP address, then you can block them. GlassWire does not advertise itself as the full security software. But, it can definitely protect your network from unauthorized access.

• GlassWire is very simple and easy to use.

• It uses the default firewall to do most of the work.

• It provides the efficient and accurate network monitoring.

The best thing about the GlassWire is that it doesn’t have its own firewall. It works with the Windows firewall to secure your network. It can easily monitor your networks. But, it uses Windows firewall to block incoming or outgoing network. Thus, it won’t eat your computer resources.

GlassWire has a 100% free version. But, it also has three different paid options available. If you are low on the budget, then you can use the free version of GlassWire. But, if you want more security, you can buy the pro version of GlassWire.

NetDefender - Firewall Link


NetDefender is one of the oldest firewall software in this list. It is also the most basic program on this list. NetDefender has many advanced features. It has a spotless interface. Thus, you can easily use it. NetDefender is for free for everyone.

NetDefender doesn’t have many advanced features when compared to another firewall. But, it has many important features. It is capable enough to protect your computer from unauthorized access. NetDefender will show all the processes and apps that are trying to access the internet. Thus, you can block suspicious apps from accessing the internet.

• It has a simple user interface. Thus, it is easy to use.

• You can block outgoing or incoming traffic from your computer.

• It also allows you to block applications from accessing the internet.

• This firewall is very light. Thus, it won’t eat your computer resources.

NetDefender may look like a simple firewall. But, it can perform many tasks. It is slowly becoming the favorite of Windows users. The simple user interface has made this firewall an instant hit.

Outpost Firewall - Firewall Link

Outpost Firewall
Outpost Firewall

Outpost Firewall has changed computer security. In the modern age, it has become important to protect your network from unauthorized traffic. Outpost Firewall has made things very simple for naïve users.

The main aim of any 3rd party software is to provide a comfortable user experience to the user. Outpost Firewall completely understands this point. Thus, they have created a firewall with a simple interface. You can use it even if you know little about security. Key Features of Outpost Firewall are:

• Outpost Firewall will stop suspicious apps from accessing the internet.

• You can add specific IP addresses to block them from your network.

Outpost Firewall is a simple firewall. You can use it to protect your network from unauthorized access. It is free to use. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

Windows Firewall

Most people hate WindowsFirewall. But, it has come a long way since its launch. Microsoft has improved the Windows Firewall in recent years. Windows Firewall used to be useless in old Windows. But, they have become useful in the recent Windows version.

If you are using Windows, then Windows firewall is already perfect for you. It is very easy to use. You need not install it from the internet. Some key features of Windows Firewall are:

• It is easy to set up and use.

• You need not install it.

• Microsoft will regularly update the Windows Firewall.

Microsoft provides regular updates to their users. They will regularly update the Windows firewall. Thus, it can block every malicious website or app. But sometimes Windows firewall can become too aggressive. Sometimes, windows firewall can block legit websites.

However, you need not download any third-party firewall. You will have full control over your computer security.

Conclusion of Best Free Windows PC Firewalls of 2023

Firewalls play a very important role in securing your computer. It can protect your computer network from unauthorized access. Thus, it is important to know about the best firewalls.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore PC user or just an average user, you must protect your computer. The firewall can provide you an additional layer of security. If you have a perfect antivirus and firewall, then no one can hack your network. But, it is difficult to find a perfect firewall for your computer. Thus, we have tested many tools available in the market. We have included only the best firewalls in this list. You can try them and find the perfect firewall for your PC.

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