How to create an Android App on Amazon App Store

by Sarah Cage

Google Play Store is the most famous Play Store for Android Platform. Many people don’t know that there are other alternatives available also. The majority of app developers only publish their app on Google Play Store. Even Google themselves has said that developers should upload their app on other App Store also. The main reason for this is you will reach more users.

One of the most famous alternatives available right now is Amazon App Store. It was developed by Amazon for their Kindle devices. Let’s talk about what exactly is Amazon App Store first.

What is Amazon App Store?

Amazon App Store was launched by Amazon in 2011. It comes preinstalled in Amazon devices like Kindle, Fire tablet and Amazon Phone. Amazon App Store is available on Android platforms. Thus, other Android phone users can also use this App Store. There are currently more than 600k apps available on Android App Store. But, Google Play Store has more than 3m apps available.

Still, Amazon App Store has a huge audience. Many users like it because of its simplicity. If you are a developer then you must use the Amazon App Store.

Whatis Amazon App Store?
What is Amazon App Store?

Why Amazon App Store is important for Developers?

There are many benefits of using Amazon App Store for Developers. Some of them are:

1. Great Review Process

Amazon App Store has a better review process when compared to the Google Play Store. You can update your app instantly on Google Play Store. But, this lack of Review Process gives a chance for spammers to spam Play Store. Your app will get lost in the sea of thousands of spam apps.

Therefore, it is better to opt for the Amazon App Store. Their review process makes sure that only Good Quality apps are available on Amazon App Store.

2. Easy Checkout Process

Google Play store has a really messy Checkout Process. Most of the users want to buy your app. But, they won’t buy it because of the Checkout Process. Amazon App Store clearly beats Google Play Store in this aspect. The checkout process is really easy. Users can use the same id they have been using for years to check out. It takes hardly 30 seconds to buy an app on Amazon App Store.

3. Less competition

Google Play Store has more than 3m apps on their Play Store. Thus, it becomes harder to compete with other developers. Compared to this, you will find less competition on Amazon App Store. You can easily reach out to a lot of new potential customers.

Amazon App Store is growing very fast. It has gained many new users in recent years. Amazon devices like Kindle and Fire Phone is doing great. Also, you can enlist your app on Amazon official website. This will give a lot of new exposure to your app. Amazon will promote your app on their website.

4. Available in every country

The Amazon App store has expanded in more than 200 countries. They initially started with only the United States and the United Kingdom. Soon, they started expanding in other countries also. They are attracting many new users using amazing offers. After all, marketing is one thing in which no one can beat Amazon.

5. High Revenue

Apps on Amazon store has high revenue compared to Google Play Store. It is competing directly with Apple Store in terms of revenue. Thus, it is the best Android App Store to publish your Apps.

These were all the major reasons why you should consider Amazon App Store. There are many more benefits like you can easily target Budget users. Now, we will tell you how you can easily publish your app on Amazon App Store.

How to publish your first App on Amazon App Store

1. First, open your new Amazon Developer Account. Just follow this link and sign up for a new Developer Account.

2. Make sure you add a payment option in starting. It is important for those who want to monetize their app.

3. Once you have filled all the details, click on the “Submit” button. You need to add your Tax information if you want to monetize your app. If you are not looking to monetize your app, then you can skip this step.

4. Now open Amazon developer console on your browser.

5. Now, you need to click on “Apps and services”. There you have to click on “Add a new app”

6. You need to select Android on the drop down selection. Now, all you need to do is give information about your app.

7. Add all the required information on the next page. You need to add your App Title and App Description. Click on “Save” button once you are done.

8. On the next page, you need to upload your App images. You can upload 4-5 images of your app. Once you are done just click on the “Save” button.

9. Now, click on “Binary App” tab. Here you have to upload your apk file. Once it is uploaded move to next step.

10. Once all the tabs have a green tick, just click on “Submit” button. Now, your app will be reviewed by Amazon App store team.

It will usually take about 12 hours for Amazon to publish your app. But, in extreme cases, it can take up to 6 days also. Once the app is published you can start promoting it. Amazon splits 30:70 with their app developers.

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