Jio USSD Codes: Check Balance, Data Usage & Offers

by Sarah Cage

Gone are the days when you have to write letters and post them by mails to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

At this time, the communication methods were slow and not effective. However, technology has transformed the whole communication world with the introduction of new inventions. As soon as the world became more civilized, mobile phones were invented and introduced into the communication world. Since mobile phones were developed and launched for communication purposes, there is a need to introduce reliable telecom operators that will provide a smooth platform to ease communication activities. To this end, many telecom service operators have swung into the business. In India, the most reliable and successful telecom operator is Reliance Jio. This telecom operator has become a household name to the entire population of India. As of today, Reliance Jio has more than 320 million active users on its profile. The increasing number of subscribers of Reliance Jio is attributed to the excellent services it offers to its users. With Reliance Jio, you can access services like SMS, data, and other exciting services. Despite the popularity of Reliance Jio among other telecom subscribers, people are not familiar with some important details like USSD codes for checking its latest offers, data usage, and balance. Therefore, it is important to discuss the vital information you should know about USSD codes for checking balance, offers, data usage, and many more. With that said, today, I will be telling you all you should know about the Jio USSD codes for checking offers, balance, data usage, and other exciting features.

Reliance Jio


Reliance Jio is an excellent and the most famous and successful telecom operator in densely populated India. Currently, the telecom operator has more than 320 million active users in different parts of the country. It offers its customers mind-blowing telecom services through the exciting offers that are introduced at each time point. Currently, Reliance Jio offers juicy packages like the 4G internet services, excellent talk time, and many more. When you decide to subscribe to Reliance Jio's services, you will enjoy all the exciting features designed for its subscribers.

What USSD Codes Means

WhatUSSD Codes Means
WhatUSSD Codes Means

Many telecom subscribers and mobile phone users are only familiar with the word "USSD." However, they have little knowledge about it and its importance. USSD, also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a common acronym that is widely used by the vast majority of mobile phone users and telecom subscribers. The popular code is a global system introduced for mobile communication protocol. With USSD codes, you can create real-time communication between the network provider and the mobile phone. The USSD is used to check data balance, air time balance, Value Added Services, SMS balance, and many more. Aside from its use in carrying out simple balance checks, you can use USSD for calling surveys, mobile banking, and other exciting communication activities.

How You Can Use Jio USSD Codes

HowYou Can Use Jio USSD Codes
HowYou Can Use Jio USSD Codes

Reliance Jio is a telecom operator that works perfectly on all brands of simple cell phones and smartphones. With Reliance Jio, the use of USSD codes is simple, easy, and faster. Before you can use any of the Jio USSD codes, you must be part of its subscribers. Then you can use its USSD codes by dialing the code that starts with "*" and also ends with "#" on your dial pad. Between the "*" and "#", you will have to enter the right numbers generated by the network operator. Once you enter the USSD code, you can expect the response on your screen in the next few seconds. If you enter the USSD codes correctly, you will get the right response. If you don't enter the correct USSD codes, an error message or "Invalid USSD Code" inscription will be displayed on your screen.

Jio USSD Codes

JioUSSD Codes
JioUSSD Codes

In September 2016, the Reliance Jio telecom operating company was launched to cater to the communication needs in India. The telecom operating company enticed Indians with exciting low data packages. This ranked Reliance Jio as the second-largest telecom operator and the most successful communication operator in India. As of today, Vodafone-Idea is the largest telecom operator while Bharti Airtel stands at the third position. As a Jio subscriber, you must get yourself familiarized with the active working USSD Codes. With these codes, you can check the data balance, airtime balance, expiry info, SMS balance, special offers, and many more. The USSD codes display the information immediately you dial any of the USSD codes. However, it should be noted that the USSD code must be confirmed active before you enter it for your predetermined purposes.

Summary of Jio USSD codes

The Jio inquiry and USSD codes are highlighted in the table below.

MyJio InquiriesUSSD Codes
Check your Balance*333#
Check your Number*1#
Check your Bill AmountSMS BILL to 199
Check your 4G Data usageSMS MBAL to 55333
Check current tariff plansSMS MYPLAN to 199
Check all balances in 1 message
  1. SMS BAL to 199

The Primary Jio USSD Codes

The Reliance Jio telecommunication company has got some important USSD codes that are relevant to all its subscribers. In this section, I will be telling you the primary Jio USSD codes you should know.

1. Dial *333# to check your data balance.

2. Dial *1# to check your phone number in case you forget it.

3. Send SMS BILL to 199 to know your billings.

4. Send SMS MBAL to 55333 to check the amount of 4G data used per time.

5. Send SMS MYPLAN to 199 to check the current tariff plan you have subscribed to.

6. Send SMS TARIFF to 191 to know the call rate charged in your current plan.

7. Send SMS BAL to 199 to check all balances in one message.

zzThe Secondary Jio USSD Codes

1. Send SMS START to 1925 or call 1925 to activate the 4G data feature on your number.

2. Send SMS JIO to 199 to check the Jio number of your JioFi device.

3. Send *333*3*1*1# to activate the caller tune for your phone number.

4. Send *333*3*1*2# to deactivate caller tune on your phone number.

5. Dial 1909 or send SMS STOP DND to 1909 to deactivate DND on your phone number.

6. Dial 1909 or send SMS START DND to 1909 to activate DND.

7. Dial 155223 or send SMS STOP to 155223 to deactivate Value Added Services (VAS).

8. Dial 155223 or send SMS START to 155223 to activate Value Added Services (VAS).

Reliance Jio Customer Service Number

RelianceJio Customer Service Number
RelianceJio Customer Service Number

As an amazing telecommunication operator, the company must have a functioning customer support system. This is the same with Reliance Jio. The excellent telecommunication company has an experienced and dedicated customer support team. The team is well trained and fully prepared to give a prompt response to your query immediately you dial the customer support number. The customer support number of Reliance Jio is 1800-889-9999. In case you have any issues or challenges with its network, balance, and any other issues. All you have to do is to dial the number and the Reliance Jio customer support team will give perfect answers and also give recommendations to solve your challenges.

MyJio App: An Alternative to Jio USSD Codes

The common goal of all telecommunication operators is to provide quality services to their subscribers. Reliance Jio has an excellent and well-designed app that offers quality services to its users. The app offers shortcuts to entering USSD codes to perform some specific tasks. The functions performed by the MyJio app are

1. Recharge your phone number

2. Check balances like Data, airtime, SMS, and many more.

3. Recharge your friend, family, and colleagues' phone number.

4. Check your call history.

5. Check the last transactions made on your phone number.

6. Check the usage history of your 4G data.

7. Watch films, listen to exciting songs, and watch TV series seamlessly.

MyJio app supports the iPhone and Android operating systems. If you don't like dialing the USSD codes, you download and install the MyJio app on your device.

How You Can Use the MyJio App

MyJio is an excellent app that is important for all Jio users. With the MyJio app, you can easily manage your account, listen to interesting songs, play games, back up data, and perform other exciting tasks. As a MyJio app user, you don't need technical knowledge because it is simple and straightforward to operate.

To use the MyJio app, you need to download and install it on your smartphone. MyJio app is available for download on the App Store and Play Store. Once the app is installed, you can sign in or sign up if you are using it for the first time. If your SIM card is in another smartphone, an OTP code will be sent to your device. Immediately you sign in, you will have unlimited access to your user dashboard.

Wrap Up

Reliance Jio is a fantastic telecommunication operator that offers excellent services to its users. In this context, I have discussed the vital information you should know about Jio USSD codes, data usage, and many more. Thank you for reading!

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