Easy Ways to Earn Money from Your Lock Screen 2023

By Using the Best Lock Screen Applications

by Sarah Cage

One of the best ways to make extra income daily is by customizing lock screen appearance with the use of amazing lock screen apps. It sounds quite simple but there's more to this money making opportunity because it involves lock screen advertising .

Why to Earn Money from Your Lock Screen 2023 ?

There are several merchants on the internet that offers to pay people for sharing their lock screen appearance with developers through the use of certain advertising links. This is a good way to make passive income in 2023.

One interesting thing about this money making activity is the fact that you can do it anytime and anywhere. This is because it's done with the use of a smartphone, which is mobile and will most likely be with you at all times.//s.freevocabulary.com/blg/fvy/user_img/20200618/1592519950345733.webp

Big advertising brands are making use of lock screen advertising apps to promote their products by ensuring you download certain applications and participate in online surveys while you unlock your screen.

These mobile apps allow users to earn points from various activities which can later be redeemed as cash through PayPal. You are basically getting paid for unlocking your screen if you use the lock screen ads apps listed in this article.

Best Lock Screen Apps That Helps to Earn Extra Income

The easiest ways to earn money from lock screen advertising is through the use of specific lock screen apps. Here is a list of top money making lock screen apps:

1. Fronto

2. Whaff Locker

3. S'More

4. SlideJoy

5. Adme

6. ScreenPay

7. Screen Lift

8. Survey Cow

Fronto - Lock Screen App Link


This is one of the best lock screen apps that allows users to earn rewards for simply unlocking your mobile phone screen. This application helps users to earn several rewards by earning points whenever they use their smartphones on a daily basis. It pays users for participating in several activities such as:

  • Unlocking Smartphone Screen
  • Reading Articles Online
  • Downloading Applications
  • Participating in Sponsored Promotions

The points earned while using the Fronto app can be exchanged for gift cards or cash on sites such as Walmart, Amazon, iTunes and PayPal. Swiping your mobile phone screen to the left or right with your fingers will either give you an option to unlock the screen or access website ads that will enable you earn points.

You need to download the app and create an account to enjoy its benefits. It is currently not available on Google Play Store but can be downloaded via the link provided. You will earn money with this app from doing basic activities on phone.

Whaff Locker - Lock Screen App Link

 Whaff Locker
Whaff Locker

This is a special lock screen app that enables users to engage with promotional ads on a smartphone and get paid in return. Good thing about this app is the fact that your pay is guaranteed whenever you participate in cash payment schedules.

Whaff Locker offers amazing rewards and once you download the app, it will transform your mobile device lock screen and enable you to participate in activities that will earn you rewards. Example of these activities are accessing the lockscreen, downloading apps, keeping apps installed and other general activities.

This is a very good way to earn passive income with your smartphone as you get paid as much as $0.01 every time you swipe your screen. You will also get $0.03 for engaging with ads and a bonus upon sign up. There are several sections available when you install the app such as Whaff Picks, Premium Picks, Lock Screen Earning and Payout. It is a good lock screen app for early redemption.

S'more - Lock Screen App Link


The S'more lock screen app is one of the highest paying lock screen applications available for smartphones. It is highly rated because of the constant update. It does not only offer good money for unlocking your screen, it also offers several other activities that allows users earn passive income.

A good way to earn a lot of reward is by unlocking your screen several times in a day and also participating in various advertisements. You can earn as high as $0.10 per day and roughly $40.0 per year just by swiping your lock screen.

You can also participate in online surveys with this app once in a while and it has a cash out threshold of $1.0 . The rewards you get from S'more can be redeemed on sites like Amazon and it is only available in the United States of America.

SlideJoy - Lock Screen App Link


SlideJoy is one of the best lock screen app due to its high cash-like rewards. You can earn as high as $10.0 monthly from using this wonderful app. The app has a very good user interface and can be installed on any mobile device.

It is one of the most used lock screen app due to the offers available such as:

  • Getting paid for participating in tailored advertisements.
  • Receiving carats for checking trending news through your lock screen.
  • Getting paid for swiping your lock screen in different directions.

SlideJoy take a while to sync ( takes roughly 24hrs ) but it has a feature that helps users connect from social media apps such as Facebook. This helps the system algorithm to detect a user's identity and tailor targeted ads for his or her benefit.

Earnings on SlideJoy varies because while some users are earning $2.0 monthly, other users are earning as high as $6.0 to $10.0 monthly. It also offers $0.20 as signup fee any time users register an account.

You can make a good amount of money with this app by participating in several activities. An additional advantage is the 20% bonus on every referral . SlideJoy provides various additional redemption options such as Walmart and Amazon.

Adme - Lock Screen App Link


This is another popular lock screen app available only in the United States. It is one of the highly recommended lock screen app on the internet.

Adme has three modes :

  • Fullscreen Ad Mode
  • Content Feed Mode
  • Double Screen Mode (Feed + Ad)

All these modes have one thing in common - earning money while viewing ads.

The several mode options are all designed to allow you earn money whenever you view ads and unlock your screen. The Double Screen Mode offers the best rewards but it requires more engagement than other modes.

The app notify users with balance updates every 24-hours and they can make as high as $0.20 USD daily and $15.0 USD monthly . This lock screen app is highly recommended because it has a unique algorithm that helps to increase points earned and you will also get $1.0 bonus when you sign up .

ScreenPay - Lock Screen App Link


ScreenPay offers users rewards to unlock their screen. It pays users money to view deals, content and adverts that are tailored to a person's interest and preference.

When you register with ScreenPlay, you will be required to provide personal information about yourself so that you can get promotions and information based on your interest.

This lock screen app offers one of the lowest payouts but has one of the most generous referral programs. It pays users $3.0 on every referrals that stays active for at least 30 days . You can make up to $15.0 monthly and it can be cashed out through the use of PayPal.

Constantly update the app to enjoy the best cash rewards available.

Screen Lift - Lock Screen App Link

 Screen Lift
Screen Lift

Thousands of people around the world earn money for using their phone through Screen Lift app. This is one of the best lock screen app available on the internet and it offers a huge 250 points bonus whenever you sign up as a new user.

This app will let you customize your lock screen and allow you make money every time you open it. You can customize your first screen with amazing features and themes once you install the app. You don't have to read the news displayed on the screen to earn points or lifts. You only need to view it and unlock the screen.

The lifts earned can then be redeemed as gift cards or cash. The cash reward can be claimed via PayPal. You will also get bonus if you refer a friend. Screen Lift will pay you free money for using your first screen. That's quite amazing.

Screen Lift is one of the best lock screen app used in getting cash rewards on a smartphone. Ensure you check it out.

Screen Cow - Lock Screen App Link

 Screen Cow
Screen Cow

The final lock screen app on our list is quite special. It is a free lock screen app that pays users to answer questions whenever they unlock their screen.

Screen Cow offers a mini survey that comes with several questions that needs answers. When you answer each of the questions, you will get beef points as reward. The higher the number of questions answered, the higher your reward.

One key thing to note is to ensure you are honest with the answers you provide for the questions asked. This will help you to earn better reward. Screen Cow also offers an extra 1000 bonus beef points on referrals.

The cash out threshold is 10,000 points which is equivalent to $10.0 USD.

There are several other lock screen apps available but the ones listed in this guide are the best. Ensure you check each and every one of them out.


It is not enough to know about money making opportunities on the internet, it is more important to understand how to maximize the opportunities available. People are always looking for ways to make additional income to help pay bills, and it's always good if one can figure out the best opportunities available.

In this guide, we've shown readers the easy ways to earn money from lock screen through the use of lock screen apps. All thanks to mobile app developers.

Lock Screen apps offers a good way to earn extra income with your mobile phones and this guide will be helpful to make the most of the money making opportunities that comes with unlocking your smartphone screens.

Learn more about How to Earn Money from Your Lock Screen form the video below:

Let us know about other money making Lock Screen apps available on app stores in the comment section. Thank you.

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