Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

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Once upon a time, if you don't have a TV set you miss out on your best-loved sports shows. Not having a TV is no longer a barrier. There are several free sports streaming sites available for you. You can conveniently stream and watch your favored sports shows from your phone or smart devices with ease. As much as they are not like your regular sites and not so easy to locate, we have some amazing streaming sites 2020 where you can enjoy watching your sport shows.

In recent times most of the TV sets available in the market offer subscribers' access to stream sports live. On your smart devices, you can conveniently watch sports live anytime wherever you are. We have well-pronounced sites like Facebook Watch, ESPN, and a few more where you can have access to sports streaming for free. A few sites require that you subscribe while some require that you register and log in anytime you want to access sports shows. It may interest you to know that a chunk load of these sports streaming sites provides videos with low quality because they do not offer official streams.

Summary of Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

Name of the streaming siteAvailable ApkMeritDemerit
  1. Streaming is free, offers not only sports matches but also highlights and analysis.
Not all games and sports can be live-streamed, as any which is not within their jurisdiction is not shown
Facebook WatchYes
  1. It allows Facebook users' access to available free streaming sites in a manageable sense.
  1. Has a lot of pop-up ads that redirect you to a different site from where you are streaming your sport.
  1. They provide good schedules for all available sports you can stream, they show all football matches
  1. You will have to click on multiple links before you get access to any sport you want to see.
  1. Bosscast
YesIt provides expanding streamsIf you don't have a flash application installed on your smart device you won't be able access their site
  1. You can create a community for your favorite sports and build a strong networking system with other sports enthusiasts.
  1. You have to be patient as it is a lot of popup ads that redirect you to a different site from where you are streaming your sport.
  1. It offers you free sports streaming and also international watches.
  1. The access quality is very low due to numerous users, so often time you may need to be patient.
  1. Has everything that is cricket-related, video analysis, and highlights and it gives you good quality.
  1. Interrupting popup ads during a live stream.
  1. The interface allows you to expand live sports streams from different sites.
  1. You will have to click on multiple links before you get access to any sport you want to see.
  2. Multiple redirecting popup ads
FromHotYesThe interface allows you to expand live sports streams from different sites.
  1. Multiple redirecting popup ads

List of Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

List of Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023
List of Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

Below we've reviewed some of the best free sports live streaming sites in 2020, to save you the stress of racking your head when you want to stream sports online.

ESPN - Site


They allow you to live stream most of your favorite sports for free, from football to baseball, basketball, MMA, tennis, golf just to list a few. It was launched by it is important to note that, not all sports live streaming options offered by ESPN are free. You may need to be an active subscriber to access premium content. Some of the streaming options will require a satellite subscription you can link with your smart devices so you can enjoy all your sports from wherever you are.

More than the website option, ESPN has made it easy for their subscribers as they have a functioning app. For live stream and premium contents, you will not need to duplicate any link, all you need to do is subscribe to ESPN+ and register your account on the app. Then you can enjoy watching your sport.

Facebook Watch - Site

Facebook Watch
Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a wonderful sports streaming site in 2020. Established and managed by the social media corporation FACEBOOK, it allows you to stream live sports. The only requirement is that you have an active Facebook account. So, it is nice and one of the most famous live stream sites as anyone who uses Facebook has access to Facebook watch anywhere in the world.

Well as much as it offers free sport live stream, not all sports can be streamed on this site. So here are just some of the few sports you can live stream for free-football matches, women's basketball, one MLB game per week, some virtual sports, and surfing. Even though Facebook live stream options are limited, there are numerous sport live stream platforms link on Facebook.

Sportek - Site


Total sported is another wonderful free sports streaming site in 2020. The major sports streaming option on sportek is football. Dominantly a football streaming site Sportek offers their viewers multiple options when it comes to sports streaming. They offer very fast updates and full sporting events schedules on different TV channels.

Like other sports streaming site, they've also made it easy for their customers by creating a mobile app. Their mobile app is compatible with almost every operating system from Android to IOS and Windows too. Unlike other sports streaming sites that may require you to subscribe and all with sportek, it's different. Even if you don't want to download the app, you can always go to their site as a guest/visitor. You check their sports streaming schedule watch the one you want to and leave the site.

But it is recommended that to avoid the unnecessary stress of clicking tabs upon tabs, you should use the Total sportek app. With the app, you have little or no stress, once you have a good internet connection you are good to go.

Bosscast - Site


Bosscast gathers live sports streaming sources from other sites. Regardless of that, they have a very good quality for all their streaming link, unlike other sports stream sites. When you are searching for links to stream online it is easy to catch up with bosscast as they have several links available. So even if you can't find exactly what you are looking for on bosscast, they redirect you to the site where you can get what you are looking for.

Sports supported by bosscast include volleyball, basketball, and baseball to list a few among some wonderful professional sports options they offer.

Reddit - Site


When you are looking for sports streaming sites that are not official then Reddit is your go-to site. Reddit offers you official sports streaming via unofficial links. If you are a particular sort of enthusiast, on Reddit you can create a community for that sport, where you can find fellow enthusiasts and interact better, and that's what makes Reddit more attractive. The communities you create on Reddit are famously called subreddits.

Usually, Reddit doesn't offer sports live streams, but they give room for their users to post sports links and others can get to stream via these links. On Reddit, there's always a poll to vote for the impressive streams and otherwise based on the links posted on the subreddit.

The supported sports on Reddit are football, basketball, hockey just to mention a few. These sports can be accessed via the links posted on the Reddit subreddit.

Laola1 - Site


Another wonderful sports streaming site in 2020 is laola1. Originated in Austria, it also grants access to viewers from abroad to enjoy streaming live sports. It operates with an international English version. Even though its base is situated in Austria, it is still easy for anyone who has access to the internet anywhere in the world to access it. It makes it more attractive as communication in English is widely accepted all over the world. Some sites tend to work for some particular regions alone, but Laola1 is not one of them. Whether you are Canadian, American, Asian, Nigerian, you can easily stream sports for free on this Austrian site.

They offer options for international sports you can stream online. You get to watch international games like football, from Europe South America, South Africa and other parts of the world. You can stream the Olympics, Paralympics, and other international sporting events. It makes it unique as not many if any of the other sport streaming sites offer as much as laola1 does. Free sports you can stream with ease via Laola1 include football, basketball, motorsports, and golf just to list a few.

Cricfree - Site


From 2020 this is another amazing free sports streaming site. It is very famous for cricket streaming. It has a niche of dominant streaming of live cricket games, with cricfree you can never miss a cricket game. Although it is popularly known for live streaming cricket games, it also offers other sport streaming options. It supports other sports like baseball, soccer, and football too. It may interest you to know that the extended videos have multiple hosting, so you should not be surprised when a lot of misleading pop-up ads appear.

Stream2Watch - Site


Stream2Watch allows you to live stream sports like football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and many others. Stream2Watch is reputed as one of the best free sports streaming sites in 2020. They provide live streaming sites accompanied by other streaming sites. Its operation is similar to that of Reddit. It brings together streams' options from several sites which you can easily use to watch you're your favorite sports. It has a lot of popup ads on the site. It is recommended that you activate the ads blocker it saves you the stress of closing or skipping ads while you are live streaming. Some ads are unavoidable they popup not minding whether you block ads or not.

The sport live stream options available on Stream2Watch include football, volleyball, baseball, and rugby just to list a few.

FromHot - Site


FromHot is one of the stands out free sports streaming sites in 2020. FromHot operation is like that of Stream2Watch and Reddit, it offers many live streaming links where you can easily watch all your favored sports live.

When there are no available scheduled matches and you have a blank page, there are other additional video sources provided to you by FromHot. There is never a total turn off moment, they always have something for you.

Just like other free online sports streaming sites, FromHot supports professional sports like football, tennis, baseball basketball just to mention a few.


So, if you had any worry as regards streaming sports online you need not worry anymore, there are multiple options available to you. With ease you can conveniently watch all your best-favored sport for absolutely free, all you'd need is a good smart device with a working internet service.

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