FREE MP3 Audio and Video Version of 5000 SAT Test Prep Words

All you have to do is listen

by Sarah Cage

Online complete audio files of the full 5,000 words, with brief definitions, for your SAT Test vocabulary preparation.

The available formats are MP3 audio files, MP4 videos, and Youtube. The 5,000 words are split into 137 files with alphabetical order. Each audio is about 3 minutes in length. Each should cover a group of words in alphabetical order.

All you have to do is listen to 2-3 files / day about 10-15 minutes in total study time. With such variety of playable formats being presented, you can download to upload them onto your smart devices. Then there you can rehearsal them while on the go. It would not take too much of an effort. Just a little bit a day with focus would come a long way.

Remember this page is to for audio, video, online streaming materials for the 5,000 SAT vocab list.

SAT Vacab Word List Text and PDF printout

If you prefer them in text and PDF printout format. Please go here: The 5000 SAT Vocabulary Words in Text format ➟Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 with Compact PDF Printout

Audio coverage of the 5,000 vocab words for SAT test preperation

Professionally-read, about 3-minute MP3 audio file. Each file will cover a group of words in alphabetical order.

Credit: developed by Professor Steve Baba, Ph.D.

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