Best Fun Google Tips and Tricks in 2023

by Sarah Cage

Best Google Tips and Tricks in 2023 -On a Web Browser,Google is an intelligent Search Engine. It came to life atGoogle LLC in California, United States. Google provides many unique internet services and applications. It comes with its own web browser:Google Chrome. Chrome is one of the most reliable and fastest internet browsers. Its primary search engine is Google. The search engine is by far, the biggest of its kind.

You can search for anything and everything through Google. But all that is common knowledge. Something interesting about the engine are the Fun Google Tips and Tricks

Among the vastness of Google are some little-known features. The purpose of these features is to entertain users. Some even broaden your view on the things you can do with Google. You can try these tricks anywhere. Only a single trick hooks you to try more of the same.

On the flip-side, you get to dive a little into the Google algorithm. Knowledge is Power, and you can gain a lot of it through Google. The possibilities are endless with the search engine. You have every reason to figure out the Best Google Tips and Tricks.

List of Best Google Tips and Tricks in 2023

A tinge of fun keeps the working environment fresh. That is the exact purpose of these Google Tricks. Open Google on a new tab on your web browser to Try these Tricks.

Start off on the Must Try Fun Google Tricks and Tips with:

Do the Barrel Roll

Do the Barrel Roll
Do the Barrel Roll

Barrel Rolls are something Pilots do with their aircrafts to show their skills. They do a complete 360-degreespin about their longitudinal axis. But you are not a pilot in charge of flying at this moment in time.

Google provides the solution to try the experience. Enjoy as Google flips around in a complete spiral. To Do the Barrel Roll:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Do a barrel roll”.Watch how Google performs for you.

Play Atari Breakout

Play Atari Breakout
Play Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a game you can play on Google. It is a classic that fun to play. You even get to see how Google sets up the game.

The procedure to Play Atari Breakout on Google is:

1. Go to Google Images.

2. In the search bar, type: “Atari Breakout”. Google starts processing random images one-by-one for the game. The images become the “blocks” you have to destroy to win. You must wait a while for the process to complete.

3. Start playing Atari Breakout on Google.

Tilt Google

Tilt Google
Tilt Google

A quick Google trick is its ability to tilt to one side. Your favorite search engine is no longer upright. Rather, it falls at an angle, like The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The feature may not be breathtaking, but it is worth trying. You can Tilt Google by:

1. Open Google on a New Tab.

2. In the search bar, type: “Askew”. Watch how Google tips to one side.

Google Recursion

Recursion is the term for repetitive cycles. The concept is most important in Programming. A recursive process executes itself over and over again. A subordinate function recalls the head function in an infinite loop.

Google also uses the recursion function. Its idea is to explain the concept in a fun manner. To test the Google Recursion process:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Recursion”. Google responds with, “Did you mean: recursion” inquiry.

3. Click on “recursion” in the Google suggestion. When you do, the search engine reveals the same page as before. This is Google’s little recursion idea.

Gravity with Google

Gravity with Google
Gravity with Google

Gravity is the Physics concept that grounds everything. The general Gravitational Force acts in the downward direction. It is the reason we come back to the ground after jumping. Gravity pulls objects towards itself.

The Google search engine manages to stay afloat on your screen. But Gravity has now hit Google as well. It is a fun Google Experiment. To test Gravity with Google:

1. Open Google on a New Tab.

2. In the search bar, type: “Google gravity”, but do not Google search.

3. With “Google gravity” in the search bar, click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Watch how Google crumbles to the bottom of your screen. You can drag and play with the various Google buttons on the screen.

GG Zerg Rush

GG Zerg Rush
GG Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the art of attacking in large numbers. It is a strategic term when a group goes on the offensive. The offenders leave nothing in their wake.

Google is vulnerable to Zerg Rush as well. You can wipe the Google search clean using Zerg Rush. At the end, all you see is a “GG”. To Zerg Rush attack Google:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Zerg Rush”. A large number of Red and Orange color ‘o’ characters swarm the Google search. Notice that the colors represent the red and orange o’s in Google itself. The o’s eat through the entire search page.

3. Once the o’s have eaten through, they assemble at the top of the page to form a “GG”.

Google Mirror

Mirrors show a reflection of what is in front of them. They are applicable in real life. But computer mirroring is a whole different concept.

Google also has a fun mirror concept. It reverses all the alphabets on the page. Everything flips with respect to the vertical axis. What you get is the elgooG search platform. You can do everything on elgooG that isavailable on Google. It only reverses the alphabets and writing order. elgooG has a lot of cool features to try out as well. Check out Google Mirror by:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Google mirror”.

3. Open the first link on the search, i.e. Google Mirror.

Google Sky

Our universe is vast and mysterious. Scientists and researchers still cannot gauge the size of the universe. Every day, researchers discover new celestial bodies. Our Solar System is part of the universe as well. It all combines to make a huge, overwhelming world.

Astronauts get to experience Outer Space first hand. Most of them are part of Aeronautical and Space organizations. But all of us cannot become a cosmonaut.

For enthusiasts who wish to look through space, Google Sky is the tool. Using Google Sky is a jaw dropping and awe-inspiring experience. It is an amazing Google extension for Outer Space. You can traverse through space using Google Sky. The tool has extensions for Google Moon and Google Mars as well. On Google Sky, you can view:

· The Solar System.

· Constellations.

· The Hubble Telescope Photo Directory.

· Backyard Astronomy.

· The Chandra X-ray Observatory Photo Directory.

· The Galex Ultraviolet Photo Directory.

· The Spitzer Infrared Photo Directory.

· Discover the Earth and the Sky.

Experience the vastness of the universe through Google Sky by:

1. Open Google on a New Tab.

2. In the search bar, type: “Google Sky”.

3. Go to the first link on the search, i.e. Google Sky.

Google Anagram

Anagram is the concept of forming a word by rearranging another word. Both words must have the same letters for the concept to hold. Only their arrangement is up for change.

Google has its own fun Anagram ideas. Its word play is both cool and educational. To test the Google Anagram:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Anagram”. As an anagram to “anagram”, Google suggests “nag a ram”. This is Google’s way of defining Anagram in a practical way.

Google Images

You may play Atari Breakaway through Google Images. But that is not the only purpose of the search engine. Google Images is a vast imagery tool. One of its functionalities is searching through Image Processing.

You can upload an image to Google for matches on the internet. It also has the ability to search an image source using its URL. All you need to do is “Paste the Image URL” to its search. To process searches on Google Images:

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar, type: “Image Google”.

3. Open the first link in the search, i.e. Google Images.

4. On the Google Images search bar, click the “Search by image” option. A camera icon indicates the image search option.

PAC-MAN Doodle

PAC-MAN is a classic arcade game. It came out in the 1980s, and found instant success. The game thrills people of all age groups.

To commemorate the game on its 30th anniversary, Google came out with PAC-MAN. You can now enjoy the game on the open Google platform. To Doodle through PAC-MAN:

1. Open Google on a New Tab.

2. In the search bar, type: “Pacman doodle”.

3. Click on the “Play” button under the PAC-MAN Doodle interface.

Google Tricks and Tips


This is as the name implies. A search of “ASCII art” on google will change the traditional Google logo into something more nerdy and interesting. It is beautiful; you should try it out.

Play Snake on YouTube / YouTube Snake

You can play a game on YouTube while waiting for the video to load courtesy of Google. Please note, it works only on the desktop site. You have to access YouTube via your computer browser

To do this trick, you only have to “press up + left arrow keys” to start the game overtop the video. You might have to press the “left key”2 to 3 times before the snake will appear on the screen. You can decide to play the game while also watching it or pause the game. You can control the snake by using the direction keys.

Car starting translation

This works by using the Google Translate software of Google. To do this trick you need to enter a series of combination of Ps and G’s.

First, you need to access Google Translate. You can do this by google searching “google translate” in the search bar. Type the combination P and G into the box provided. You can click this combination to make it easier. You will hear a car starting once the page loads.

Slay the Google Docs Dragon

This is pretty much a trick you can try out in almost everything that has Google on it. In Google Docs, you can also play a trick here. In Google Docs, open up a spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is open, you need to press Shift + F12. I don't want to burst the bubble on the outcome of the trick.

It’s easy and I bet you would not expect the result!

Ninja Reader

This trick works on Google Reader. There is a trick you can do that will activate an animation that will leave you shocked! In Google Reader. Tap “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a” on your keyboard and arrow keys.

An animated ninja will pop out on the left side of your navigation bar. Take this as your last warning before you check it out!

Fly around Earth

Google created this trick as an Easter egg in Google Earth before it became a permanent feature in the program.

Now all you have to do to any time you want to “fly around the Earth” so to speak is to press Ctrl + Alt + A on your keyboard. You will be flying in no time!

Travel from the Shire to Mordor

This one is for Movie freaks who are down to earth Lord of the Rings' Fans. This trick works on Google Maps.

To do this, you need to open the google maps and ask for walking directions from The Shire to Mordor. You will get a very serious looking warning from Google.


Typing Googleplex in the search space on google will bring up a scene outside Google’s corporate headquarters – 1775 Amphitheatre Parkway Street View.

Here you will be looking at some of Google’s enthusiastic looking employees.

Pig Latin Google

The Google homepage is available in more than 150 different languages including some strange ones like Pig Latin, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef Muppet’s Bork bork bork, Private, etc.

Google Sphere

Please try this trick at your own risk! This trick makes your search result go haywire. What happens here is that your search results orbit the Google logo.

Please be careful not to have your mind blown

Where is Chuck Norris

This is more of a trick game. If you are feeling very lucky or having a very good day, please don’t try this trick.

You only have to google search “Where is Chuck Norris” to set the ball rolling. You should not find it surprising if you are not lucky enough to locate or find Chuck Norris!

Google Heart Page

This trick tunes up the theme of the background of your search results. Once you google Google Heart Page, you will be taking to a new page where to all your search result, Google adds a little more love.

Please note that for this trick to work on your webpage, your Java will have to be up-to-date.


You are probably going to be wondering how this trick works. It is simple. All you have to do is spell “Google” backward in the search bar and click the search button.

You should probably know what to expect in such a situation.

Google Gothic

this trick brings a darker feel to your google search results. It tweaks the original background –white color –into something darker.

Epic Google

This trick will make everything bigger. To search bigger with Epic Google, all you have to do is enter “Epic Google” in the google search bar and wait for the page to load.

Weenie Google

this is a trick that works just like the “Play Atari Breakout” trick. They both require you to be as fast as you can be.

With this trick turned on –by google searching Weenie Google –you have to be very fast to make your next search because it is soon going to disappear before your eyes.

Annoying Google

Trust me, this definitely lives up to its name. Really going to annoy the short-tempered folks!

Google Rainbow

This works like “Google Hearts Page” except that Google Rainbow does not have a page on its own. It is more of a theme. It would brighten up your search results.

Who’s the cutest?

Who else is curious to know who Google is going to produce as the cutest? Yes, you can find out.

All you have to do is type “Who’s the cutest?” in the search field.

The answer to life, the university, and everything

This is more of recognition to the works of Douglas Adams – author of the series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. When you search this keyword, Google gives Douglas’ answer as a search result.

Once in a blue moon

When you type once in a blue moon in the search bar, google guides you to the mathematical equation for the occurrence of a blue moon.


Google is one of the tech giants in the world of programming. It should then not be surprising that a search for “binary” will get you the search results in zeroes & ones (0s & 1s)


Kerning is more of a programming trick. Not everybody who uses Google is a programmer but a lot of people like to feel like tech geeks.

With Kerning, you can trick your friends into believing you actually redesigned your web results.

Kerning involves the process of adjusting the spacing between letters in a sentence on a page. As long as you add kerning to any keyword you google search, you will find your search results in Kerning in no time.


Qingming is a Chinese word which will translate as “Pure Brightness” in English. It is a beautiful tribute and honor to the annual Qingming festival in China. The festival is usually celebrated in the spring.

If you google search Qingming, the resulting page will show just how much Google respects the festival.

Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday doodle

Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday marks the first time Google produced a live-action video doodle.

All you have to do is google “Charle Chaplin’s Birthday Doodle” and you will see a silent film that acts as tribute Chaplin. The video contains shots of locations that are present in most of Chaplin’s early films.

Star Trek doodle

This is another doodle that you can activate using a little tweak. This doodle means more to nerds than normal people. The doodle is Google’s way of celebrating Star Trek's 46th anniversary. Use the teleporter to complete a dangerous mission.

Little Nemo in Slumberland

If you activate this trick, the Google logo will become a Slumberland adventure in a cool comic strip doodle. All you have to do is click along and let the story unfold before your eyes.


Google uses this doodle to honor synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog by creating a working synthesizer. To use this doodle, you only need to make a search on google

Olympic Basketball Doodle

this is a sport doodle. It is a tribute to the Olympics and at the same time works as a game. If you activate this trick, you get to practice your basketball skills for Olympics supposedly.

To activate this trick, you need to google search Olympic basketball doodle to play the game.

There are other Olympic doodles you can interact with. For example, there is a Hurdles Doodle, Soccer doodle, Canoe doodle, etc.

Valentine’s Day Video

This one is for lovers. This involves a doodle of a boy courting a girl and her jump rope.

Conclusion over Google Tips and Tricks

Google is the biggest and best search engine around. It has one of the fastest search rates for items. It is the default search engine for the browser: Google Chrome. Chrome itself is a reliable and fast internet browser. You can look up anything on Google and it will provide you relevant results.

But Google does not keep all things serious. There are little-known features to Google to try for fun. The Must Try Fun Google Tricks and Tips reveal only a few of them. There is a lot more to discover about Google. You can try different things with the search engine and enjoy how the system responds.

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