Best Sites to watch TV Shows online Free streaming Full episodes 2023

by Sarah Cage

Best Sites to watch TV Shows online Free streaming Full episodes 2023 - Today, what everyone cares about is how much they can take advantage of the internet and technology as a whole. They do this in order to make things easier and also to project a sophisticated image of themselves.

Why Streaming Sites to watch TV Shows Online Free?

There was a time when cable TV subscriptions were one of the most important things an individual has to pay for once he receives his or her paycheck. However, over time the dependence on cable TV is gradually wearing off thanks to the internet. Now there are smartphones and other devices that allow people to watch or stream TV shows and movies anywhere. As a result of the fact that with these devices all you need is a strong internet connection, people started depending more on them.

Thanks to these devices, we no longer have to fix schedules in our calendar or brain just so we do not miss an episode of our favorite shows. Although the devices and internet connection are important, they both depend on websites before they can provide any output.

Best 15 Websites to Watch Free TV Shows Online

There are streaming websites that host movies and TV shows that you can pay to watch or watch for free. Some were insanely popular but then suddenly gone; such as: PutLocker, Coke and Popcorn, ... There is no arguing that paying before getting access to watch movies or shows on a website guarantees top quality experience, there are some free ones that can max out your entertainment. They also legal which means you will not be guilty of copyright infringement.

1. Sony Crackle - TV Site Link

Sony Crackle– site Link
Sony Crackle– site Link

There are lots of reasons Sony Crackle comes first whenever we want to consider the best free sites to stream TV shows. This is because it is a platform owned by Sony. Sony is one of the leading entertainment companies in the world. There are lots of blockbuster movies Sony owns the rights to. As a result, the site is very legal.

The interface is neat and easy to use. A good amount of popular TV shows are available. There are also exclusive or Original Sony shows on the site. You can easily watch full episodes of these shows for free. There are also tons of movies on the site. In addition, all the Movies on the site are in excellent video resolution. There are filters on the site which you can use to sort the library of the shows.

The only drawback back is that there are ads on the site. The ads are not too much to bother you. Sign up on the site before watching any show or movie.

Sony Crackle sets the bar even higher thanks to its Mobile App. Just like rushing home to watch your favorite show on cable at home, watching TV shows on a laptop or PC can sometimes be difficult. This is because using them is not appropriate in some places. There are apps you can download to watch the shows on Android and iOS devices.

You can download for Android on the Google Play Store or the App Store for iPhones/iPad.


· Allows streaming across lots of platforms or devices like smart TV, Android TV, etc.

· Has mobile apps for Android and iOS phones

· Easy to use interface


· There are ads added to the shows and movies as commercials.

· Compared to other sites on this list, the content on Crackle is small

2. FMovies - TV Site Link


FMovies is very similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix in terms of content collection

The only difference is that both Amazon Prime and Netflix are subscriptions based although they offer free trials for a few days. Whether it is a current ongoing show or a show that is no longer aired, there are lots of it on Fmovies. This is one of the reasons whyit is a very popular streaming website.

There is no need to sign up before you have access to watch any show on the site. There are a few ads on the site. Most of the ads are actuallypop-ups. This means that although new tabs will appear on your browser, they are not too much to cope with. If you are using a browser with a good adblocker, most of these pop-ups will not come up again.

All the TV shows on site are in High definition (HD) video quality. There are lots of popular TV shows on the site including The Flash, Arrow, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and a host of others. The site keeps adding new episodes within an hour after they air. This is one of the best things about the site.

It is a good Netflix alternative where you can get the same Netflix content at no cost.


· TV shows are in HD video quality

· Easy to use

· You do not need an account before watching any show i.e. No signup required

· There are tons of content on the site


· There are ads on the site

3. TubiTV - TV Site

Tubi– SiteLink
Tubi– SiteLink

TubiTV is a very good site where you can watch free TV shows and movies. The Movies database is larger than that of the TV shows. However, you can still watch some impressive shows on the site. The best thing is that it is legal.

There are two ways you can access TubiTV. You can decide not to sign up on the site and you can sign up to create an account. If you do not create an account, you will miss out on the syncing feature of the site.

The syncing feature on-site allows you to watch your favorite TV shows across all your streaming devices – smartphone, PC, Roku, and others. For you to use this feature, you need to create an account. All your favorite shows will now be available anytime you log into your account. Hence it is worth the effort of creating an account.

The site has a smooth and easy to use interface. The shows are neatly arranged and categorized. You easily skip to the genre of the show you want to watch. The content database has over 40,000 shows and movies that keeps growing.

Another interesting thing about TubiTV is that there is a mobile app you can download on your Android or iOS smartphone. This makes it easier to watch shows anywhere you are.


· There is an extensive content library available on the website

· It has an easy to use interface

· Has mobile apps for smartphones


· No 4k Blue-ray Quality

· No Option for Optical Audio

YahooView – Site Link
YahooView – Site Link

Yahoo View is the streaming website courtesy of the partnership between Yahoo and Hulu. Hulu is a very popular US-based streaming website where you can watch movies and shows. After Hulu decided toput an end to users free Streaming access, Yahoo partnered with Hulu in orderto continue offering all the free contents available on Hulu. This implies that the content library on the site is very large.

There is a vast range of Shows you can watch on Yahoo View All the shows you will find on the site are in very high quality. Latest episodes from any popular show airing on ABC, NBC as well as FOX are available on YahooView. There are tons of animations for kids to watch. There are also lots of Classic and famous cartoons on the site including Ben 10. Complete series of Anime is also available on the site for adults who love them. Some of the popular tiles including Naruto, Ergo Proxy, etc.

The site is not that easy to use and looks quite jumbled up at times. One of the reasons for this is because Yahoo View focuses more on Fan networking. Because of these, discovery content, you can watch is slow when compared with other streaming sites. However, there is still a way you can view all the shows on a single page.


· There are tons of TV shows to watch on the site – ongoing shows as well as classics

· The video quality is very impressive

· Partners with Hulu which guarantees top-quality content


· The interface is not neat which makes it a little difficult to use

· The best way to access it is with a PC

5. Popcornflix - Site Link

Popcornflix– Site Link
Popcornflix– Site Link

Popcornflix is another streaming website where you can stream and watch full episodes of TV shows for free. There are popular shows and lots of original web series on the site. The database is limited and the total number of shows on the site is about 100. The video quality of the shows is very impressive. There are filters you can use to sort shows according to the genre on the site. There is also a section called “Staff Picks” where you have access to the highest rated TV shows and movies on the site.

You do not have to sign up on the website before you watch any of the content. There are lots of classic contents that make you nostalgic. Some popular classics on the website include The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and lots more. There is also a special streaming site for kids that has no adult content.

Popcornflix has official apps that you can download for your Android or iOS device. These apps make it easier to watch TV shows on the go.


· Neat interface and very easy to use

· Has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices


· Limited content

6. CartoonHD - Website


CartoonHD is not just for cartoon lovers, it is a platform for TV shows and movies. it is legal to use and you will not face any copyright issues from watching any of the content on it. It is one of the best sites you can watch any series all in impressive video quality.

The interface is user friendly and you do not have to sign up and there are mobile apps for people who want on the go viewing. there are tons of movies and shows on the site. Lots of shows and movies that are usually classified as Premium content on other websites are available for free on Cartoon HD.

One of the reasons whyCartoon HD has millions of users is that unlike other popular streaming sites ( e.g Netflix), you do not need a fast or strong internet connection to enjoy your streaming.


· Premium content is available for free on the site

· TV shows and movies are in very good quality

· You can get its mobile app for your Android, iOS and windows device


· As legal as the site is, it is not available on Play Store

7. Retrovision - TV Site Link

Retrovision– Site Link
Retrovision– Site Link

Retrovision is a legal streaming website that has lots of Classic TV shows that you can watch for free. There are tons of Classic movies you might want to check out too. There is also an impressive collection of cartoons for kids.

The website is very easy to use and all the shows are on a single page. You do not have to sign-up on the site. There is an android app for android device users


· Has lots of rare classic shows you might want to check out

· Easy to use interface


· Mobile app not available cross-platform

· Only classic TV shows and Movies

8. Hotstar Series - TV Site Link

Hotstar Series –SiteLink
Hotstar Series –SiteLink

Hotstar is a very popular streaming website that offers Indian related content. It is based in Indian and has one of the biggest Bollywood content libraries.

While there are lots of Indian movies on the site, there are also Indian TV shows you can watch on the website. Most of these shows are free to watch.

If you are not into Indian Tv shows, you can also stream some of the popular TV shows on the site. One of them is Game of Thrones. Hotstar also has a lot of HBO series that are not available on Netflix. The shows are in very good quality.

You have to create an account on the website before you can watch any TV Show. There are two accounts you can create. One is a free account and the other is a premium account. There are tons of content available for a free account but not as much as a premium account. TV shows are not affected by this. You can only feel the need to upgrade to a premium account if you stream only movies. This is because most of the movies are available only for premium accounts. TV shows are available for all account.

You can also stream your favorite movies on the go with your smartphones thanks to their mobile apps. You can download the app the Apple App store and Google Play store.


· Easy to use interface

· Lots of Indian content

· Mobile app available for Android and iOS users

Lots of HBO series


· The site focuses more on satisfying Indians

· Limited popular TV shows.

9. Yidio - TV Site Link

Yidio– Site Link
Yidio– Site Link

Yidio differs greatly from the usual TV show streaming website. This is because unlike the other websites where you watch episodes of a show on the site’s platform, Yidio will redirect you to other sites. This means it is not actually a host but a source aggregator. In other words, it leads you to other third-party streaming websites where you can now watch the particular episode you wanted to watch on the Yidio website.

Yidio being a source aggregator has its perks and downsides. One of the perks of using Yidio is that there is the show database is vast and large. There are lots of shows on the site; both the ones still ongoing and the ones that stopped airing. You can easily watch any of your favorite popular show through Yidio links.

You should, however, note the downsides of using the site. One of it is that while Yidio is completelyfree to use, any of the third-party sites/hosts a Yidio link redirects you to might require you to pay a fee. Yidio in its way of making up for this has a section where all the TV shows you can watch without paying any fee to the host. You can navigate to the section to save yourself a whole lot of hassle.

In addition, another downside is that the link you click might redirect you to a short clip of the episode you want to watch although it isnot that often.


· Neat User-friendly interface

· Impressive Show and Movies sorting filters

· Has description page that displays TV shows rating


· Free content limited

· In-show commercial or ads

· Redirects you to external streaming sites since it is a source aggregate

· Video quality of the shows is good but can definitely be better

10. Snagfilms - TV Site Link

Snagfilms– Site Link
Snagfilms– Site Link

Snagfilms is a good streaming site where you can watch classic shows and movies. There are also award-winning documentaries on the website. You can watch all these and more in very good video quality. There are ongoing current TV shows on the website but they are very few. There are also ads which come as commercials when watching some content on the site.

Snagfilms has apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can also watch shows from Snaggfilms on your Roku and Smart TV.


· Has lots of classics and documentaries

· Mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices are available


· The number of latest TV shows on the site is low

· Ads are in some of the shows

Network websites with free streaming access

11. CW TV - TV Website

CWTV – Site Link
CWTV – Site Link

The CW is a popular TV network that allows you to watch free full episodes of your favorite shows a day after it aired. They have two websites for this. Almost everyone knows or has heard of The Flash or Arrow or The Originals. These very popular Sci- fi superhero shows are produced by the CW network. Another show worth mentioning is Supernaturals. There are lots of good shows on the CW Network roster which you can watch in very good quality on their websites.

CW TV is technically the more official site of the CW network. the content library is limited because all the shows on the site are those produced by CW themselves. CW TV does not feature other shows from other networks. If you are a fan of a CW show and you happened to miss an episode, you can easily open the website and start watching. The streaming speed is very impressive even with slow internet connections.

12. CW Seed - TV Link

CWSeed – Site Link
CWSeed – Site Link

CW Seed is also an official site even if the name sounds otherwise. One of the surprising thing about CW Seed is that it does not have any show from the CW Network. Unlike CW TV that only features shows from CW, there are tons of DC animated series and Original web series on the website. These shows are worth a watch especially the animated series. You do not have to sign up on the website before watching. All the content are free.

You should note that shows on both websites are only available a few weeks after its release. Hence, if you want to watch an episode, you shoulddo it as fast as you can.

13. NBC - Site Link

NBC– Site Link
NBC– Site Link

NBC is another popular TV network. There are tons of popular TV shows you can watch on their streaming website for free. New shows are quickly uploaded on the site which makes it one of the best Network streaming site. There is an extensive show database which allows you to watch complete show series on the website.

There is a mobile app although you might experience buffering when streaming.

14. ABC and FreeForm - Site Link

ABCand  FreeForm
ABCand FreeForm

ABC uploads full episodes of all their latest shows online for viewers. These shows are only available after they have aired. They also upload video clips, highlights, and trailers of all ABC shows.

Freeform is the family channel of ABC. Once a show airs on Freeform, it will be available on the website after 24 hrs.

15. FOX - TVShow URL

FOX– Site link
FOX– Site link

FOX is quitepopular. It has a channel for movies and shows and one for sports. It is one of the most watched Network channels on cable. The Fox streaming website has free episodes of the shows that air on TV a day after it aired.

The only thing is most of these episodes are removed eight (8) days after airing. Because of this, you need to watch them as fast as you can.

Conclusion on Best TVShow Streaming Sites Online Free

You can access any of the sites that catch your eyes. The shows are listed in no particular order but you can easily sort through the ones you want using the pros and cons under each website. These are the best sites you can use to binge-watch that show your friends have been going on about.


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